Monday, October 15, 2012

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice

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Do you suffer from:

  1. Poor digestion, stomach bloating? YES!
  2. Fatigue, low energy levels, sickly body? YES!
  3. Poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies? YES!
  4. Bad breath, body odor?
  5. Headache, migraine? 
  6. Irregular bowel movement? YES!

Do you have:

  1. Irregular meals and eating processed food?
  2. Do you have a busy stressful life?
  3. Constant exposure to the polluted environment (air, water)?

If your answers for the questions above are mostly yes, fret not cos' Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice is here to save the day!

In just six days, Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice leaves you feeling renewed, refreshed and revitalized. The six day program is a smart way to flush out toxins from your bowel within 2-4 hours, without disrupting your daily life. This 100% natural juice is the fastest and the most effective drink available in the market!
J’pan D’tox Juice contains no additives that provides high concentrations of dietary fiber which super beneficial in bowel movements!

Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice will constantly promote peristalsis of colon, improve irregular bowels while softening and unplugging mucoid plague.

What is mucoid plague?
Mucoid plague is actually some old, gluey, hardened waste(faeces). Even though you may have regular bowel movement daily, you may still have mucoid plaque stucked in their colon or intestines! Plus the amount of mucoid plaque an average individual carries is between 7 to 25 pounds! Eww Quite disgusting right? ;/

Not only that mucoid plaque is disgusting, it may also contribute to some health problems!
- Being overweight
- Skin blemishes
- Poor nutrition
- Low immunity
- Bloating
- Flatulence
- Bad breath

My review after 6 days of D'tox Juice program

This Juice is so effective that I went to the toilet withing 2 hours after drinking my first bottle! It was a very easy 'business' after drinking it! Lol I know quite disgusting but I'm sure everyone has experienced this problem before ok?
After the first day of  big 'business', I did not really experience more 'business' but I did let out alot of gas by farting! Quite shiok because of the frequent bloating I have and farting is also a way of detoxing the toxins from the body! Omg this post is getting quite disgusting eh? Lol.

Though this juice is not meant for slimming, I've experienced flatter tummy due to all the gas I've let out after taking the D'tox Juice! 

Another thing I experienced is that my skin feels brighter after the 6 day program! 

The taste was quite unacceptable for me but I just gulped it down after chilled. It taste like very concentrated cherry instead of cranberry so it taste kinda like bitter medicine but sweet. Okay quite difficult to describe the taste. But if it benefits you I'm anyone can just gulped it down like what I did! :P

Get yours now to experience better health benefits!

Available in two flavours Cranberry and plum
You can get yours @ Guardian, Watsons, SaSa, OG, John Little, Pink Beauty, Robinsons and Unity  
Price: 30ml x 6’s ($39.90)

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