Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simple sunday

Shopping at orchard last sunday! It's been so long since I've bought stuffs from outside cos' I've been so used to shopping online that nothing much from shops fancies me.
We head to town like almost every sunday but I always leave empty handed :( 
This time I managed to myself a pair of heels from Charles and keith at only $29.90 after discount which is a great buy! But now I'm thinking if its me buying because I like it or because I buy for the sake of buying. Haha cos somehow I can't think of what I should wear with that heels :/
Well what can I say, thats what most women do right. Heh heh.

Paris Baguette @ Wisma for tea break! Our first time there! Though alot people are raving bout it now, I feel it's not really a good place to just chill cos the drinks are too overpriced! One orange juice cost like $8 or $9 which is like more than my cake that only cost $7.50. Nothing much to rave about actually.

Strawberry shortcake! Damn soft and yummy! Now I'm loving strawberry shortcakes! Hehe.
Used to not eat strawberries because I find them too sour but after reading bout how good strawberries are for skin, I went on a strawberry frenzy forcing strawberries down my throat gulping down water with it. Slowly I begin to love strawberries. Talk about 感情是可以培养的. Hahaha.

Clovine trying to play with food that she dislikes again. Very BAD habit!
She's recently on strike by not wanting to eat nor drink milk which seriously pisses me off ALOT!
And there's daddy getting upset. 

Clovine the cleaner! She loves cleaning! Always taking a piece of tissue of wet tissue and she can clean whatever things she finds at home! From tables, floor, toys, fish tank and even Cookie my dog! LOL.

But one thing she hates about cleaning is herself! Very weird right!

Look at her pissed off face because she got lectured by us.
Very bad temper leh which hubby says is exactly like me >:(

HAHAHA like a fierce only. Everyone is saying how she'll behave like a boss when she goes Childcare. Headache.

Angry bird is here! Her recent favourite expression when we scold or say her. Tell how to be angry and not laugh at her. *Slaps head.

Hubby looks really shagggggggg~

Then we headed to Chinatown just to bring Clovine to see the hanging ball lanterns!

We're wrong about saying Clovine would be amazed at all the balls. She wasn't even interested -.-
Probably because she knows they're not balloons nor bouncy balls.
Something super cheeky Clovine once did was she pointed at my breasts and shouted ball ball with a cheeky laugh while we're bathing together -____________-"

Was quite disappointed as there weren't anymore tents selling mid autumn stuffs anymore except for the tourists shops selling souvenirs :(
Guess they must have ended right after mid autumn last week. If you're interested to see the ball lanterns, it'll be up till this weekend! But really there's nothing much to see....