Monday, October 22, 2012

Swivelle Review

Review: In Swivelle's Denim bustier playsuit! 
Love the playsuit alot especially the heart shape cut at the bust area. Have been looking for a tube romper until I finally found it from Swivelle's shop sometime back when they're still on livejournal. Comfortable and definitely a must have for outings!
Swivelle's collections are really sweet designs that girls will love. One of my favourite online shop too! :D

See how pretty the heart shape bust line is! This was taken some time back :)

Remember this romper which I wore in my previous post? And you wish to have it too but its sold out?
Then I have good news for you! 
Swivelle will be launching a restocks special tomorrow at 8.30pm and this romper is one of the many designs being restocked! 

Swivelle has been one of favourite blogshop ever since I found it few years ago! I really love this very efficient service! How efficient you ask? Hmm they can get your parcel mailed out within 24 hours! If you're lucky, you would receive it the next day which I always have by normal mail! There were a few times which I required my parcel to be received urgently and they tried their best to have it delivered to me by registered mail! Excellent service they have for their customers.

Here's a few of the clothings I've bought from them.

In Pixie Romper which I wore in my Zoo post
Yea I super love rompers cos they're so comfy and easy to wear! :)
You can get this now here which is now on sale and also available in Coral! 

In a tube dress which I've gotten really long ago and the pictures were from my Cousins wedding last october! Looking back I realised I've slimmed down quite alot in a year! Hehehe.
Super love this dress probably cos its also a heart shape bustline and I love tubes like that!
But I think the dress is a little too long for me and I think should go alter it shorter :)

High collar top which is from a very old collection too! I actually got this in grey too but somehow it got stained so I got this in royal blue again! Love high collar designs cos of the arm cutting :) 

Lastly I got this dress from the recent collection which I really love! It's also actually my first lilac clothing! Also got some free maybelline goodies from Swivelle! Thanks! :D

It actually looks like this in full. Very pretty right? Hehehe.

Though I super love this dress but I've yet worn it out yet cos Hubby says it looks weird on me maybe cos I've not worn such colour before. BUT Hubby was the one who chose this colour! :(
The colours available for this dress is really very sweet and pretty so I had a hard time deciding.
Plus the bust area is the kind I love and the length is just nice for me which made me very happy cos most dresses I bought are too long and I always end up altering them. 
Guess I'll wear it out next time when I meet my girls instead cos Hubby feels its weird.
But still I can't wait to wear it out. Hehehe.

I've got a few other Clothings from Swivelle which I did not post cos I've no pictures of me in it.

Hope you like Swivelle as much as I do and you would find a piece you love too!
*Psst they carry imported bags too which are mostly sold out within a day after their launch.

Visit Swivelle to get your piece of sweetness now! 
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