Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fashion photoshoot for Motherhood Magazine

Clovine went for her first Fashion shoot for the Motherhood magazine last tuesday! 
This amazing opportunity is also thanks to the Pampers Joyful contest which Clovine participated months ago. You can read the posts here Pampers Joyful contest and Clovine in public!

Clovine and the other 9 Pampers Joyful babies will be featured in the Christmas Fashion in Motherhood Magaine's December issue! So look out for her in it okay? Hehehe.

Had Yeexin accompanying me to the shoot as I was alone without hubby and it was quite far. Thank you so much for your time! *kissses! ^^

So before we reached, another baby girl was already there followed by Jerbel, Mabel's daughter :)

Make up artist putting on make up for Clovine!
Her first make up at 23 months! Wow~ 

So as mentioned in my previous post, Clovine has been quite vain recently and she was so excited when she saw the make up artist putting on make up for the other baby and she can't wait for her turn!
When it was her turn, she sat down quietly and let her put on the blusher! She even chose her preferred colour for the blusher! Lol. Quite amazing for me as its normally very difficult for her to even sit still for 10 seconds!

Haha throughout the process her face was like this! Lol. 

Then it was time for hair styling!
Giving her a few curls!!! 

Same thing, she sat quietly on my lap! 

Then yeexin passed her a mirror and she looks in the mirror with this shy smile! 
Awwwww why so adorable?!

Smiling shyly after being praised!
Act shy only in front of strangers. Lol.

Smiling for the cam after her make up and hair styling!

"Hehe am I pretty with make up and curls?"

"Ohhhh I look so different!"

Forced for a picture with me. 

Then it was time for the shoot! This is how chaotic a babies' photoshoot would look like behind the scenes. Ipad videos to get their attention, lots of food, barney songs and lots of patience! 
Definitely not as easy as it seems!

Clovine super enjoy the whole shoot! Look at her leaning on the sofa comfortably! 

They wanted to put the three babies together for the shoot but it was so so difficult!
Because there'll always be one baby who can't sit still and run away or they wouldn't put down their legs and show off their undies! Lol.

After trying to get the three of them for a perfect picture for a long time but failed, they decided to let Jerbel and Clovine shoot together cos the other baby girl got quite pissed off alrdy. 

But in the end they decided to do the shoot one by one as it was not easy getting two babies to coorperate together! Jerbel was so funny cos she kept sitting like a boss with one leg up showing her undies and with the other hand on the sofa! LOL Super boss one!

Jerbel's turn for her shoot first followed by Clovine!

Then it was Clovine's turn for the shoot!

Tying Clovine's hair into ponytails cos her hair got really messy! Lol.

Very enjoy the attention given and being vain!

After some blusher touch ups, its the shoot!

Hehehe so adorable!
Find the bear familiar? Cos it's Clovine's! Lol. She insist on carrying her bear and they allowed her as its quite suitable for the Christmas theme. Haha.
It's actually Clovine's Xmas present two years ago from hubby which I recently took it out from storage for her!

A post without Clovine's unglamness is not a post already! Lol.

Following Instructions carefully. Haha. 
They got her to stand on a stool cos she got quite high after listening to the barney songs and couldn't stop dancing around. So they made her stand on the stool to dance without running around.
But she nearly fell off the stool so changed another way instead.

Got her to hand the ball on the reindeer but she's so into it that she wouldn't look at the cam! 

The dress assigned to her is quite cute right with a fake Chanel lookalike bag on it. Hahaha.
Btw all the clothes are from Baby Gap :)

So surprisingly, Clovine really enjoyed her shoot without much whining and no crying! Actually she was in a very good mood that day they she didn't even cry for the whole day nor make a fuss! 
Quite an exciting experience for her which not everyone can get! Hopefully there'll be more such shoots opportunity for her next time and hope the photos turn out really nice! Can't wait to see the Magazine in December! :D

"Look out for me in the Motherhood magazine December issue okay?
Hope you like my look in it!"