Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashionista Clovine

At 23 months, Clovine is getting more and more vain and loves dolling up!

For example, she will choose her own shoes and insist on wearing the ones she chose! 
She also would get her Hairclip pouch whenever we're preparing to head out wanting me to tie her hair! Tying her hair was a challenge when she was younger as she wouldn't keep still but now she sits still and let you tie her hair and insist on clipping clips!

Another funny thing she would ask me to do is whenever I wrapped her up in her towel after bath, she'll go "see! see!" meaning she wants to see herself in the mirror! When looking in the mirror, she'll do all sorts of funny faces and laugh at herself. Lol. 

Dressed Clovine up like a fair lady two weeks ago! 
 Did she just made you go awww so sweet? Hehehe.

 Swag uh? O.o

 Okay she plays the piano app on the Ipad like a real instrument!

 Love her hair that day! So Japanese! Kawaii neh~

 Tried this flamingo headgear on her at H&M and surprisingly she loves it! Made a fuss when I insist on removing it because she wanted to buy it! 
Of cos I didn't cos its so uglyyyyyy and it cost $29.90! 

 Couldn't stop admiring herself in the mirror. VAIN!

Introducing Teddy Clovine!
 Now she even poses for me when I ask her to take pictures! 
But this only applies to my Nikon camera and not my phone camera -.-"

 HAHAHA what's with the stern face? 

 Little teddy flipping through her closet for more dress up fun!

Awwww don't you wanna hug her? :)

Auntie Clovine is here~
 She always goes to my mum's dressing table and look for accessories so that she could wear them!
There was once she went to get a hairband and guess where she put?
Not on her head but on her waist like a belt! Lol.

And then there's geeky Clovine...

 "Do you like my geeky look?" 
Fyi, she's sitting on a balloon and I'm so afraid it would burst!
She always does that but surprisingly none of the balloons burst before. Lol. 

LOL this is so EPIC!!!! 
The expression is super LOL one!

Went to HnM the previous week and got a few good deals because they're having sale!

 I just can't resist the winter wear because winter wears are so adorable!!!!
How I wish we would have a chance to live in a country with four seasons for a year in future!

Furry boots @ $14.90, Furry vest @ $10 U.P $19.90, Furry bunny jacket @ $15 U.P $24.90

 These are the best steals of the day!!!

Tights at only $2 and top for only $3!!!!!

The furry boots are so adorable!!! 
I just couldn't resist from getting it even though hubby disapproves and Clovine didn't wanna wear it!
But well, Clovine might wanna wear it next time or I could just let my second child wear it!
Even if my second child is a boy, the colour I got is Unisex!!!
HEHEHE would be so adorable!!! :D

Went to H&M again last Saturday hoping to get more good deals for Clovine but seems like the racks are becoming empty already :(
But if you're lucky, they might have already topped up more kids sale items like what they did for the ladies section :)

Look out for my next post about Clovine's first fashion shoot for the Motherhood magazine!
Promise to be up by next week :)