Monday, November 26, 2012

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong bird park last Sunday with my little family!
It was Clovine's and Hubby's first time there and it has been a very very long time since I last went!
I think we're gonna visit every single park or places of interest in Singapore just for Clovine!
But it seems like whenever we go on an excursion, she wants to nap -.-
Probably cos we always go out too late in the noon so the next time we better leave the house in the morning!

It was a 30 minutes drive there from Yishun and we reached there around 2 which is definitely not enough time for us to discover the whole park!
My advice to you is to go in the morning at least around 10am if you have kids cos there's a water park and dry playground there which Clovine did not get to play :(
Well Hubby says that we can always go again when Clovine is older. So I can foresee that we'll go on the all Singapore tour again when Clovine is older! Lol.

Black swan! The way it swims is damn graceful one like floating around only. But I think it looks kinda haggard already. Lol.

The tickets we got looks kinda ugly :(

First stop, Penguins!

Clovine was very excited to see the penguins swim around!

This time I did not see any penguin babies :(
I remember the last time I came here which is when I was in Primary school, I saw a baby penguin which is damn cute as its so fat and fluffy unlike adult penguins!
Too bad Hubby and Clovine didn't get to see it this time.

Clovine saw the horses and goes "Ma Ma~!" (Horse in Chinese)

She wants to nap already but still keep giving the "am chio smile" want smile don't want smile like that.

How can a post not have Clovine's unglam photos? Hahaha.

If only I have legs like the Flamingos ;(

Lots of funny looking birds with that funny looking bald head with a few strands of hair. 
Gues the birds there are very very old.

Do you know ducks sleep with one leg up? 
I really wonder if they'll fall while asleep or having nightmare. Must be really funny if they fall. Lol.


No pictures of real owls as its a very very dark room which you have to spot the owl!
Quite scary as its very dark with dark red lights that Clovine starts shouting "Pa pa" (scared in Chinese)

Seaside birds! Quite amazed with the artificial sea waves that makes the whole place looks like a beach!

See! Another funny looking bird! Look like grandpa anot? LOL

Then theres a up slope and Hubby decides to be funny by walking backwards up the hill -.-
Look at his uh... tough face. Lol.

Sleepy Clovine but too Kpo to sleep.


I swear their bodies looks like inflated balloons! Super tempted to want to squeeze them flat leh.
Lol. Must have a lot of air inside!

Still refuses to sleep. Lol.

Then we went for the Birds and buddies show!
Thats when Clovine was already asleep which is quite a pity cos I think she would love having the birds flying around her! 

Check out the red circled Galaxy tab! Found anything weird about it?
Wondering why there words when he's taking photos on the screen? Then you're right!
LOLLOL! Hubby can't stop talking bout it throughout the show.
He sibei BTH him. LOL

I realized flamingos aren't of the same height!
The short ones must be damn depressed and always kena disturb.
I feel you short ones :(

And then a 100 birds on stage to end the show!

Mandarin ducks aka Yuan yang! 
I'm so excited to see them because you've always heard of "Yuan yang xi shui" right?
Yea... thats them xi shui-ing!!! 
Their colours quite abstract and cartoon one. Lol.

Bald eagle. Handsome eh?

Hubby kept saying the ostrich he saw at Kellie's castle, Ipoh, are so much bigger and huge.
Hmm yet to go to that attraction yet.

Emo emu.

King of the skies show!
Where eagles, vultures, owls and falcons are introduced!

Clovine's awake for the show!

Chu* "My rabbit face :D"

Look at how Comfy she is. 

I don't really like vultures because when you see them, it means you're near death as they only eat dead stuffs and would be there to wait patiently till its dead to eat them.
That's what I heard from my secondary teacher when she showed us a a picture of a vulture waiting patiently behind an african baby all skin over bones waiting for it to pass away before eating it.
So basically the photographer who shot the photo did not helped the baby and some how he could not get over his guilty conscience and commited suicide.
If you're curious about the picture, you can google "Vulture and child".
It's not a very scary or gruesome picture, its just very heart wrenching to see the helpless child with the vulture which looks like "Death".

Okay my mood some how got dampened when talking bout this :(

Clovine can't stop drinking so...

I hid the bottle behind me to make her look at the camera! Lol

Second round of $2 ride! :/

Now you know where Clovine's cheeky sly face comes from... her daddy.

Wants a hug with penguin!

Hehe perfect picture of the day :)

Back to the penguins again since its at the entrance!

If you could see clearly, Clovine is actually strangling Hubby. LOL.

Lol Clovine wants to hide in hubby's arms from the toy ah meng. 

Playful hubby trying to scare Clovine with the flying squirrel. 

Lol so Clovine kept covering her head!

It started raining at 4plus so we had no choice but to leave the park.
Didn't get to visit the whole park even when it closes at 6pm thanks to the rain! :(

Heres some of the places we didn't visit :(
Pictures were grabbed from Jurong Bird park's website here.

 African Waterfall Aviary
The African Waterfall Aviary adventure is an immersive experience right from the start. At the welcome arch, life-size African warriors in full regalia and a recreated hut adorned with artifacts and African art lead you into the welcome foyer and the beginning of your journey. 13 stories high and 2 hectares wide, the African Waterfall Aviary is an enigmatic realm of over 600 free-flying native African birds

 Breeding and research centre

 The Lory Loft
Say g'day to some of the friendliest birds at the Park! In the world's largest Lory flight aviary, you'll see bright colours of red, yellow, green and blue fluttering above your heads, and around you. And if you're lucky, you might even have some of them perch on you while you stroll around the Australian outback-themed 3,000 square-metre aviary!

The swan lake

Birds of play

Yeah... seems like we didn't went to the actual fun parts of the park. Zzz Kinda regret going so late.
It's okay, we'll definitely be going back to visit again!

Ending with a picture of the picture we bought for $30 at the Bird park!
I think I look really fat in it :(