Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Za Workshop

Finally got back my lappy after two long weeks yesterday! 
So I can finally do a proper post after twoooo longggg weeks~ I definitely lost alot of views in this two long weeks without posts :(
But I promise there'll be alot more post coming up as its gonna be a real busy week for me next week!
Busy week means more events and stuffs so more things to blog! 
Hope to get back my readers soon so my blog views will increase again and my nuffnang earnings would start going up again! :D

Last Friday, went to the Za makeup workshop at Orchard building!
Was able to get a chance to attend the workshop as Yanntorng was invited by them so we got invited by Yanntorng!

Okay I feel that the workshop was not really awesome as they keep introducing the product, demonstrate, introducing the products, demonstrate then let us try.
So its like we have to keep listening and listening and watching and when its time for our hands on, we would have forgotten the front parts of the demonstrations and steps alrdy -.-
And guess what, we got a free plastic recycle bag as a souvenir. Lol.... 

 All the makeups provided for us to try their new Za Products.

 Different shades of the new Za Perfect fit two way foundation.
Tried it but feels really thick for me after the makeup base, bb cream, concealer and foundation -.-
Too much of a hassel and THICK when normally I only put concealer and bb cream.
Don't really like powdered form of foundation. Looks cakey when not applied properly.

 Introduction and demonstration of their Skincare products.

 Yeexin got very enthu with all the makeups! Lol see how happy she is.

 Check out my Super long and real eyelashes which Yanntorng did for me using the Za Mascara base and Za Impact lash mascara (Volumn) !
Super long and up just by curling your lash before mascara applications!
Wonder why my lashes always won't go up? Because I'm too lazy to curl :/ 

To be honest, I'm super lousy with make ups especially eye make up which I seldom put!
The most I do is Mascara and eyeliner only.
Worst is I don't even know how to put eyeshadows and draw my eyebrows.
The girls are always telling me bout so thick and messy my eyebrows are so I recently went for my first eyebrow threading! It was a painful experience but no pain no gain right?
Then it was at the Za workshop that I got my eyebrows drew for the first time by Yanntorng!
Lol time for me to get a eyebrow liner/pencil!
Yes, I'm quite a fail woman whose husband always complain bout not being gentle enough. 

Workshop ended around 9.30 so we immediately head over to Ippudo, Mandarin Gallery, which is just opposite for our late dinner!
Damn excited to try the ramen there after hearing so much awesome ravings from people!
So yah it was my first time there and definitely going back for more! Must bring Hubby to try because his mouth very very picky one. Guess Chefs are like that -.-

 The bright lighting behind them caused the photo to be damn dark, so yah I tried my best to salvage it with Photoscape. Lol.

 Yanntorng's ramen. The basic one I think.

 Geraldine and I shared a bowl together! This is damn awesome!
Really love the soup base. 
Must try this Chashu Ramen in the dark soup base one! 
And if you love runny yolks, don't forget to add on their tamago($3)!
Price: $20++ 

 Yummy salmon side dish!
So long since I ate salmon and it still taste super good to me!

 Pork cutlet with tamago side dish!
Super love this one!!!! The cutlet is damn crispy and with the runny tamago, its Oiiiiiiiishiiiiiiii!!!!

 This is one mouth of heaven! Lol. 
Not joking but really will have the xin fu feel when eating! :PP
Now I'm salivating :(

 The runny egg yolk inside the tamago! 
I purposely took this to make all egg yolk lovers go crazy! LOL.

 Outfit of the day! Agneselle's Leatherette jacket

Bought sometime ago and only took it out recently to wear when I head out without Clovine!
Have been finding a chance to wear it ever since I bought it cos I extremely love it as it is really soft, comfy and extremely pretty!
Better get it quick before its OOS again cos they have some left over BO pieces! :)
Psst... They have it in pink too!

What's under the jacket is the Black peplum tube top from In House Fashion
Very flattering piece and I'm so in love with peplums recently :)

 What are girls when they don't camwhore in the toilets? Lol.

 A little different look from my usual self! 
Yanntorng did my make up at the Za workshop that night when I screwed up big time while trying on the products. Lol.
Amazed at how a little makeup to the eyebrows with the Za eyebrow pencil completes the whole look!
Should start learning how to draw my brows alrdy. Haha.

Chilling in the toilet while waiting for Yeexin to do her big business!
Luckily there were no other people in the toilet for quite awhile as we were shouting laughing and camwhoring! Girls~~~ 

Yeexin joining in after her business. LOL

 Hehe love my girls cos we've been through so much together!
Had lots of fun camwhoring and laughing. 
Meetups without laughters is impossible :)

Headed home but the camwhoring never stops.
Cos I have an adorable daughter whose still not asleep when I got home!

This is what she do when I say "Do rabbit face." 
We look very cute together right? 

 Ending with one last picture of me! 

Hope you didn't miss our updates too much!
Don't worry as long as my lappy is working fine, I'll definitely keep the posts coming up!