Friday, December 21, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Part 3: Date with Hubby (Prive Review)

Went on a date with hubby on Sunday to celebrate his birthday!
So of course I was the one planning the places and things to do that day cos it's for his birthday!
After hubby had his haircut, the first stop we went to was Kallang Leisure Park!

Yes... first stop Ice skating! 
Hubby had no idea what I've planned and he freaked out when we stop outside the Ice skating rink! 
Kept saying "You know I don't like to play these type of stuffs blah blah blah..." and I was like "I asked if you're okay with ice skating and you said yah before." 
But who cares we're here so he has no choice but to be dragged in by me. HAHAHA.
Hubby totally can't skate. Oh man! So he was holding the side walking round and round. 
He didn't trust me enough to let me teach him also. Lol. 
I know rollerblading so ice skating is also easy for me since I've been there a few times alrdy :)

So after like 2 hours, I managed to change Hubby's thoughts of ice skating from "Not fun one" to "Ok ok lor." 
Hahaha at least he likes it a bit now. So I told him next would be rollerblading! Lol.
But rollerblading is much more easier and fun! Good for sweating all out not like ice skating which you would not even perspire. I LOVE ROLLERBLADING!
So long since I went rollerblading! Gonna invest on a good rollerskates soon kinda regret giving my old one away :(

After some fun, we headed over to Vivocity and took a cab to Keppel Bay for dinner!

Super lover the surroundings there!

Reserved a table at Prive for dinner!

The seats outdoor are better and its really relaxing!
If you're looking for a place for brunch, this is the perfect place! Heard the pancakes and eggs benedict they serve for brunch are awesome. Hubby said we shall bring Clovine here for brunch next time ;)
Brunch menu is from 9.30am - 5pm daily.

Hubby looking more and more shagged after changing job 6 months ago.
Heartache ;'(
Thank you for giving up so much for our family.



Prive's Signature Mushroom Soup, 13
This award-winning soup blends the earthy flavours of seasonal 
mushrooms with a hint of truffle oil. Served with crusty garlic bread

Love the mushroom soup thick and creamy just my type of mushroom soup!

Can't stop snapping pictures of the beautiful view!

My Simply Prive Burger, 26
Thick Wagyu beef patty topped with melted mild cheddar cheese, 
streaky bacon and garlic mayonnaise  

This is damn awesome! Super love the wagyu patty in the burger!!!
It's damn satisfying! 

Check out the inside of the burger! 
The melted cheese, crispy bacon and the thick juicy wagyu beef patty!!!!
I'm so this made your tummy growl just like mine did!

Hubby's Penne Alla Carbonara, 20
with tender chicken chunks, crispy bacon, button mushrooms, flat-leaf 
parsley topped with an egg yolk

This picture did not made it looked appetizing because hubby stirred it before I took it.
The pasta was good but not as awesome as my Burger. Hehe.

Night view was awesome too!

Too bad it started to drizzle alittle and we had no choice but the move indoors.
The service there was good, fast and friendly! They even helped the customers move in one by one :)

There's even a small playground for kids which made it even more suitable for families with kids looking for a place for brunch!
So if you're planning for a brunch with kids, you might wanna reserve the table nearer to the playground :)

Miniatures of Keppel Bay.

The yachts and the scenery!!! Really can make you sit there and daydream. Hahaha.

Breath taking place right? :)

Pictures taken with Iphone 5's paranoma effect.
Loving the 3D kind of effect!

Christmas decorations at the entrance and foyer.

The christmas tree!
Very beautifully decorated!

Overall dinner there was great! Awesome view and place for romantic dinners or just a normal family brunch.
Definitely can't wait for my next visit there with Clovine for brunch!
Was telling hubby how much I love the scenery there and he told to work hard next time and we can get a house nearby. Siao one right?! Dreaming can lah but reality difficult lah.

Lastly, I hope hubby enjoyed this year's birthday celebration and his present!
Just wanna tell you how much I appreciate you and your sacrifrices for this family.
You're the best hubby and daddy to us!
"Happy Bird Veh! & We love you!"

No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382
Visit Prive for more info and menus or to reserve a table :)