Monday, December 31, 2012

BYE 2012!

Summary of 2012

2012 sure was a very fast year! Though there were ups and downs but still the year was considered great! Was also my second year as a stay home mum. What's most satisfying in 2012 is that I get to watch Clovine grow up for the second year and she sure did grew up alot! From crawling, learning to walk, walking to running and even jumping!

To sum up 2012 in short,

- First Photoshoot with Studioplay
- went on her first plane trip to Hongkong!
- knows how to address each of us in the family
- can now walk and eat on her own
- started talking
- went for her first contest and appeared in Magazine and banner in Ngee Ann City
- celebrated her 2nd birthday!

- went on his first trip on a plane to Hongkong!
- got a new and better job
- gets to off on Sunday and has more time for us
- grew fatter and fatter. Lol.

- partied for the first at club with my girls on my 19th birthday!
- managed to slim down my waist from 27.5"inch to 25"inch!
- weight from 49 kg to 44kg!
- passed my BTT

- Went to Hongkong in February! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 & 5
- Went Ipoh in May and in August again!
- Went Zoo, Gardens by the bay, Jurong Bird Park, Puteri Harbour Part 1, Part 2

So its quite obvious 2012 was mostly spending time with my family and watching Clovine grow up even more. But in the coming 2013 its going to be a big difference for Clovine and myself as Clovine is going to start school on 2 January and I'll be holding a part time job and continue-ing my studies in pursue-ing a diploma! Yes 2013 is going to be my first step into my future!