Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas season everywhere!

The little big club show at United square on 9 December!
Unfortunately the show is already over already as it's on till 17 December only :(

Hehe loving her eyes when her double eyelid is out.
Hers is part time double eyelid just like the daddy. So sad not like mine full time double eyelid :(

Bob the builder and Pingu came out first.
Pingu is so cute!!!

Then came every kids favourite dinosaur... Barney!!!

Look at their mouths! Like father like daughter leh! Lol

After a little while of warming up, she decides to come down and dance! 

Baby bath and Riff were so cute and small size!
Looks like they are kids in costume!

Clovine got quite high while dancing along! Hahaha.

And guess who we met there....

It's Jerbel and family!!! 
Another barney lover like Clovine. Hahaha.

Haha so cute both very expressionless de leh.
And coincidently they were both in hip-hop style!

"Are we supposed to be friends?" Hahaha.

Can't wait to meet the mummies and babies for Christmas exchange and lunch this coming sunday!
They've all grown so much! 

Toysrus for toys again!

Huge Christmas tree at Ngee Ann City!
Both of them looked so happy ^^

Smurfs Christmas at Junction 8!

This year's Christmas decorations all seems very budget. Makes it quite obvious that economy is bad.
Even Christmas at Orchard Road was not as awesome as before.
Remembered how christmas at Orchard road was like when I was a child, so many pretty lights, decorations and music. 
But as time passes, seems like there's not much Christmas decorations anymore. Hmmm how sad.
Compared to other countries like Hongkong, Japan etc., ours is like so plain, too budget -.-
Can't believe there are still tourists coming over just for Orchard road. Sure ends in disappointment only.

So it's also time we set up our own Christmas tree! The first time Clovine helped out!

Amazingly she knows how to hang the Decos on the tree! Even find empty places to hang!
Keep saying "Hang, hang, hang." Lol.

Final step, put on the Star!

Tadah we're done!
Every year its just me setting it up but from now on I've got my little helper! 
Or rather little trouble? 

Hi Cookie! Long time no see!

Sitting on the present admiring the lights. Hahahaha!

Christmas bear from her daddy two years ago! ^^

Hehe still got the puppy look. So cute!

 And he sits like a baby crawling with one leg in and out!

Poor cookie has be in depression since Clovine is born cos all the attention is on Clovine.
Now Clovine is giving him attention by chasing him around the house, shouting at him "ah kie, ah kie! Ahhhhhhh!", pulling his tail, stepping and he's foot and chasing him out of he house and laugh!
But when she's in a good mood she'll sayang him, give him a fake kiss or a fake hug. 
Lol. Pooor Cookie!

Ending with a talkative Clovine helping me with the decos!