Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clovine turns 2!

Planned to only have a mini celebration with my family for Clovine's birthday this year but my mum actually somehow bought a cake by accident my cousin.  Wanted ask for a refund but it was not possible so she can only change it to another cake and Clovine's birthday is quite near.
It was a 2kg barney cake and it was too big for just our family so decided to have a mini party for her the relatives.

Held a mini party for Clovine on saturday which is also the exact date of her birthday!
So since my mum already ordered a barney cake which Clovine has recently fallen in love with, the theme would be barney! Didn't really do any diys this year as it was quite last minute and actually troublesome. But still I had to rush to finish up her 2nd year album in a week which took 4 days!t
I also tried making some cake pops and cookies! The cakepops were quite a failure but cookies were a huge success!

Collected balloons with Hubby early in the morning to prepare for the party!
Bought them from Mtrade Novelty Whole store!
They sell one of the cheapest balloons and party stuffs in Singapore!

Fatherly love, so sweet.
I asked Hubby how did he feel on her birthday and guess what he said?
"Hen cheng gong la"
Fyi, its very successful in chinese. Find it really funny because the words is used is like wrong? 

Annoyed face. Hahaha.

Buffet from Liang's food catering this time.
They're having promotion now which is quite worth it. The people who came to set up were friendly and fast.
As for the food, I was to busy to eat but think it was quite good from family and friends feedbacks.
Ordered 30 pax but the portions given were quite small. Finger food were like given the exact amount of the number of pax.

My cousins. 

Clovine and her grandaunt and her big barney balloon ball!

 Birthday cake!
Check out the spelling for 'Sweetie Clovine' on the cake! 
Becomes 'Swee tie Clovine' -.- Must be the FTs uh.

Hubby and Clovine has that 'up to no good' look on their faces and I'm freaking out? Lol.

Don't know where are they looking at -.-

Took lots of shots before we got the perfect picture with both of them looking, smiling and clear!
Clapping along to her birthday song! 

Took her quite some time blow out the candles. I think hubby got impatient and blew out for her or else the cake would have Clovine's saliva as topping! Lol.

Cake cutting!

 My family :)
My friends who came. Thanks for coming babes! :)

And somehow it became Hubby's birthday. Lol.
Guess he can't wait for his which is exactly two weeks from Clovine's!

Happy birthday girl with her barney party hat!
Just realised she's wearing the same dress a year ago on her birthday too! 

Look at how much Clovine has grown! That her taking her first step a year ago on her 1st Birthday!
A year ago she was still taking her first step, a year later she's running and already attempting to jump but yet to succeed!
The way she tries to jump is damn funny cos she do the action of bending but just can't lift up her legs!
Awww she's growing up too fast :'(

Half of those chubby cheeks are gone :(

Super relax in my room hor...

With the girls :)

Check out our 2008 vs 2012!


"Thank you Aunties, Uncles, Jie Jies and Kor Kors for all the presents and angbaos!"

Very grumpy after her nap. Took her sometime to warm up to unwrap the presents!

Yeah... tear baby tear!

"Hehehe this is what I want..." ;)
HAHAHA look at her "urm chio" smile. Lol...

"Thank you Jiejies for the barney!" ^^

Happy girl with her presents!
Wanted to get her a barney few times before this but she's afraid of the toy even though she likes barney.
But my girls got her this barney as a present for her and she's treating it her favourite now!

This year's presents like career choosing like that.
Got Cleaner, Doctor, Cashier, Candy maker, princess and builder! 
Somehow all the toys need extra extra effort to keep -.-""""

"Mmmm this detergent looks good! Hope it keeps the toilet really shiny!" 

Heres a collage of Clovine all the way from 0 - 24 months! 
Amazed at how much she has changed from a chubby newborn to a cheeky 2 year old toddler!

All Daddy and mummy wants is for you to grow up healthy and happy.
We would do anything to keep that smile on your face.
Love you our baby precious,
Happy 2nd birthday!