Thursday, December 6, 2012

Puteri Harbour Family Theme park (Part 1)

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!
Hubby brought us to the new Puteri Harbour family theme park last Sunday!
It was also to celebrate Clovine's birthday again as Hubby wasn't able to accompany her last saturday as he has to return to work in the evening.

Puteri Harbour Family Theme park is an indoor theme park located at Nusajaya, JB, which is only a 20 mins drive from Tuas Second-link Checkpoint and 10 mins drive from Legoland.
It's actually very easy to go if you're driving cause all you have to do is to follow the banners on the lamp posts once you pass the Malaysia checkpoint and it'll lead you to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park!

So here are the prices for the tickets.


Regular price  : RM 65
    Malaysian       : RM 50

As Hubby is a Malaysian, we saved RM50 which is around SGD20 for 2, 2 park passes! Yay!

Most young people would go there just for the Sanrio Hello kitty town but for family with young kids, the 2 park pass is a better deal! Its also free for Children under 3 years old!

It would be advisable for you to check the schedule first before heading there as the activities there are quite packed and time consuming. So definitely a plus if you can be there when they're open at 10am and closes at 6pm!
I guess weekdays would definitely be better too as it would be less crowded than weekends especially the Hello kitty town.
Also check the Little big club's schedule too if you're going both theme parks as the schedules for both kinda clash a little.

Enough of infos, let us take you on a visual journey to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town now!

So, Puteri Harbour Family theme park is actually this very big building.
There's also alot of construction going on in it which I think it's gonna be some shopping centre.

You know you want to follow ;)

The red bow cafe right at the Entrance.

 Reached there around 12.15pm. The crowd was still okay and the ticket queue was short and surprisingly quite fast also.

 Having some fun while queuing for our tickets! Clovine is a very impatient kid -.-

Our tickets and Activity cards!

Yay we're going into Hello kitty's dreamland! Every girl's dream!
Though this is not as amazing as the Puroland in Japan but still no fish, prawns also can right? 
Must pester Hubby to bring us to Puroland few years later!

Yay so happy we're just in time for the show! Was still worried that we could not reach in time as we left the house late and Ahem... some husband did not want to get up early -.-
But we're not early enough to get to sit in the open space. Very crowded when there's show!

So kawaii please even though they can speak without a mouth!
Love the hair on Daniel! Looks super soft and fluffy!!!
I think I've got goosebumps watching the show. The touched feeling you know? Lol.

Clovine's stun face throughout the show. I think she also can't believe her dream has come true. 

Check out all the kids on their father's shoulder! Poor fathers but that's their job! Hehehe.

 I really don't understand why they keep screaming their lungs off! Kinda irritating.

Kitty and Daniel teaching the kids to dance!

 Cinnamoroll Cafe in Hello kitty town. Didn't try the food there but I saw Hello kitty pudding and waffles!

With the stack of Cinnamoroll and friends!
Ultra cute! I think I'm falling in love with Cinnamoroll too other than my fave Kitty :P

Friendship land! Its a playground with shooting balls and stuffs.
More for the preschoolers, Clovine is too mini to go inside sure get knocked down :/

Now let's head over to the Hello kitty Black Wonder to save Hello kitty and Daniel!
 But wait...! Must queue first! 

Everywhere is just pink, kitty, strawberries, deserts and more kitties!

 A Picture first before we set off for our quest!
Really love it there as they have like their photographers almost at every activity place to help you get you picture then they will give you a ticket which you can view and buy your photos and the end of your  visit!
What's even better is they don't even mind helping you take your picture with your Camera!
Unlike some places where they only force you to buy the pictures ;( !

Now grab a lamp and we'll go save Kitty and Daniel!

The lamp is for you to check in and out throughout the quest to get your magical password to save Kitty and Daniel!
Its something like the Kitty Lab Hubby and I went years ago at Expo, just that this is simpler and does not require you to complete so much activity.

 Hahaha so that was us back in 2009 at Kitty Lab when we're still dating. 
Lol the camera sucks too. Look at how technology has advanced O.o

 Omg Hubby looks so skinny and young and me and that permed hair which I regret in the end. Lol.

Okay back to Hello kitty town! Zoooooommm~

 So before we can begin our password finding, we have to walk through this super mini but dark maze which Clovine can't stop saying "pa pa" (scared) and I even saw a small girl crying damn hard.

Then we entered the first room to find our first alphabet for the password! Took us sometime to actually understand the game and we had to u turned back to get our sign to get our password. 
Looks difficult but after understanding the game, its as easy as abc. Lol. 

Then Clovine started playing hide and seek with us in the room! 
Running around hiding behind the statues and laughing. Mischievous!

She suddenly got attached to this statue of kitty and...

hugged it for a really long time refusing to leave!

Please save Kitty! T.T

The different rooms to find the alphabets for our password!

 This is pretty cool! All you have to do is place your lamp on the map and the light lits up for you to find your alphabet! 

 So cute! Too bad its just for rent. They should create this into a keychain for people to buy as souvenir!
Sure very cute!!!

Finally we enter the password we've found at the check out point to save Kitty and Daniel!

And yay we've got our cert!!!

 Everything is just so sweet and lovely in there!
#OOTD Eyelet tube dress from Pegs and Parcels.
Love simple tube dresses with flattering bust line like this :)

Had our lunch at Red Bow Cafe while Clovine takes her nap onHubby's shoulders.

 Kinda disappointed as they only had set lunches like these.
That day there was like only Mee goreng instead of other choices like Nasi lemak etc. which I saw from their menu!
Almost everything I asked from the menu was not available. Zzzzz -.-
Cost around RM 12 for the set lunch with drink and RM 7.50 for the sandwiches.

So what I suggest to people who're going to have their meal there, try the Cinamoroll cafe in the Hello kitty town of go to the Cafe at The Little Big Club if you bought tickets for the it.
At least the food they have at The Little Big Club has more choices of fast food like burgers and fries!

Okay this kitty cup made me a little happier despite the super small amount of food available at the cafe.

Headed back to Hello kitty town for our activities when Clovine woke up and had her food.

Queue, queue, queue!
Only when there's show, the queues are shorter. 

Now its time we visit Hello kitty's home! This place is super awesome for people who love camwhoring cause you can basically touch and pick up anything in the house for photos! No 'Do not touch' signs in it and no staffs or security guards staring at you there!

First is her Hallway!

Hello kitty's hallway!

A picture with our Camera.

And a picture by the photographer that we bought! So pretty right? ^^

Hello kitty's family portrait! This is like the cutest family portrait one has ever seen! 

\I love this hello kitty lamp!!! 

Clovine refusing to leave the sofa. Hahaha I think she likes pink!

Then we head into Hello kitty's living room!

Hello kitty's Dining table.

Haha so cute with all the photos of travelling and stuffs. 
Though its not real but still very cute!

Hello kitty's Computer!!!! Omg I want this!!! Look at the speakers below the screen! ^^

Hello kitty bags collection! They can also be bought from Camomilla Milano Singapore!

Next, its Hello kitty's kitchen!

I'm so gonna get Hello kitty pots for my home next time! 
Hahaha Hubby is so gonna roll his eyes at me cos he's gonna be the one in charge of the kitchen :/
Kinda opposite for our household cos its the males that cook not the females. 

Welcome to Hello Kitty's bathroom!

Look at the size of the Kitty tub!!! Omg sure damn shiok if I have such a big tub!
Wanted to put Clovine in the tub for a picture but she's scared. Lol.

Hello Kitty's walk in closet!!!
Her clothes are so cute! It's like XXXL's cutting! LOL.
Hello kitty has no figure and she's short and fat no wonder boys don't like her and girls are envious of her being fat but still able to look cute! 

Check out Hello kitty's dream room!

Clovine is very amazed with the dressing table cause of all the accessories in it. Lol.

See! Which girl would not get excited to see such cute accessories?
No wonder Clovine is obsessed with the dressing table!

Soooooo dreamy! The big kitty behind cost a bomb! I saw it at mini toons before its selling at like nearly SGD$300! O.o

Ahhhhh~ so cozy and comfy!

Chu* for Kitty! But Clovine kissed her barney instead! LOL.

Love this kind of windows! If only we don't live in HDBs :(

Gonna invest in a Hello kitty Luggage next time! 
Cannot invest now cause Hubby sure will make noise one. Cannot stand him nagging at me when I wanna buy things I already have :/

Clovine seems to like this stack of cinnamoroll! Can't stop running towards it. Lol.

Kisses for Kitty when I asked for a picture of them with Kitty.

Itchy hands tying to pluck some flowers!

The queues for the activities! So longggggggggggggg! O.O

Wishful studio for activities!
Queued for the one with the shortest queue first which is the Jewellery Making!

"I wanna steal you!"
Instead of doing her bracelet, she was running around the room opening cupboards touching here and there -.-"

You'll be given a bracelet and a charm and all you have to do is hook on the charm!
I think we're quite lucky to get the Hello kitty's ribbon charm that day cause I've seen other people's blogs saying that they've gotten the ugly kind of charm :/

Tadah all done! So cute right? 
If you're wondering if we need to pay for the activities, the answer is nope they're all included in the ticket but one person can only do each activity once.
So yay its free!

Just nice, we're in time for the show again which is the one we saw earlier but this time we got to sit infront and watch! There're two different shows and each shows will be repeated for two times.

Snacking while waiting for the show!

Left the show halfway and faster went to queue for another activity before the crowd starts queuing again!

Then half an hour later its the carnival show! Was able to catch a glimpse of it as the queue we're in is near the stage!

This time their costume is different and so pretty!
Princess Kitty and Prince Daniel!

And there's Melody too!
I think there's supposed to be Bad Badtz Maru too but I did not see him.
Probably he's on MC. LOL!

The last activity we went is the cutest and must go activity when you're at Hello kitty town!
It's the costume dress up and photo studio!!!
Saw this family taking their photos and it was so cute especially the little girl!
Didn't know that they also have little kids' costumes!
So of cos how can Clovine miss her chance of being a mini Kitty?! :D

 "Konnichiwa~ Watashiwa Clovine Kitty Desu Ne!"

This little Kitty can't wait to take her photos! 

 Hehehe we look so adorable right?
Was quite surprise that Hubby was willing to wear the super cute costume with us cause he's the act cool type who doesn't like cuteness!

"Baby Kitty give you a kiss!" 
Awwwwww this is super duper adorable!!!!

Here's Mummy Kitty and Baby Kitty :D

So are you guys ready to see the end product?

It's cuteness overload!

 But Clovine looks freakishly weird and funny here! LOL!!!

There're a total of  5 activities for visitors. They are,
- Nail Salon
- Jewellery Making
- Doll Factory (Not available anymore)
- Cookie Studio
- Costume Dress up and photo studio 
- Hello kitty House
- Black wonder

So we actually skipped 2 activities which is the Cookie Studio and Nail salon. What you actually do at the Cookie studio is that they will provide you with a hello kitty cookie and all you do is colour it with icing. For the Nail salon I saw kids holding nail stickers that were given to them so I guess they also helped do your nails too! But these two activities has the longest and slowest moving queues so we gave up as there wasn't much time left for us to explore The Little Big Club at Level 3 and 4!

There's also this Hello kitty Teacups ride which we missed as I only remembered about it after we left for the Little big club and when we were done there and went back for the ride, it was closed already :(

The certificate from Black wonder quest!

The Photos we bought from the theme park!
One for RM 30, three for RM 70 as they're having promotion!
So of cos get three photos more worth it right since its only around SGD28!
Even cheaper then the one I bought from Jurong bird park! -.-"
Singapore really is cheat tourists money also is cheat citizens money.

Another good thing bout the photos I bought is that I can also download soft copy for free just by going to and enter the code found below the photo to download!
Very good hor! Can say bye to blurred scanned photos already! Yay!

Oh and if you are going to The Little Big Club, don't hurry to buy the photos yet cause you can also have your pictures taken there and get the pictures from both theme parks together!

Hope you liked my Sanrio Hello kitty Town pictures and post as much as I do!
So if you're a Hello kitty lover, you know it's a must to visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!
Visit Puteri Harbour Family Theme park's website for more information
Like Sanrio Hello Kitty Town's FB Page for the latest news!

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