Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park (Part 2)

The Little Big Club

After our visit to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town on the 2nd Storey of the building, we headed over to The Little Big Club on the 3rd Storey!

So same thing, prices of the ticket are as shown below :)

Regular price  : RM 65
Malaysian       : RM 50

2 parks Adult/Children
Regular price  : RM 110
Malaysian       : RM 85

Do remember to check the schedule for both parks and plan your schedule before going if you're planning to visit 2 parks as some of timings for both parks clashes. You may want to pick out the favourites and interesting ones for your kids instead. Your kids will definitely love the Barney show like how Clovine loved it!

At the entrance looking kinda tiny! 

First thing to do there is watch the 4.30pm's Barney show!
At least we got to sit down and watch show there as is very spacious and less crowded!
The space infront of the stage at the Sanrio Hello kitty land was quite small and there're lots and lots of people squeezing!

Snacking while waiting for the show to start!

Okay that's when my Nikon tells me my memory card was full -.-
Prepared extra battery this time but who would have expected that my memory card would be full! 
So hurried deleted those useless pictures in order to capture pictures in the Little Big Club! What a close shave -.-

 Was sitting down quietly untill barney comes out!

Of course all the kids got super excited and started standing up! Haha lucky there not much older kids or sure will block Clovine's view if they stand.
 Clovine was no exception! She got up and started dancing along! 

Hahaha unglam!

Kids would definitely love the barney show as it's all sing and dance!

After the show, we started our exploring of The Little Big Club! First stop, Angelina Ballerina's dance studio!

They actually lend out props for the little girls to pretend as Angelina ballerina!
Damn cute and its a no timing and queue thing!!!

Introducing Clovine ballerina!

Mad cute with the mouse ears and tutu!!!

 "Let's get down on the Dance floor and move your butty!"

"Check out my smooth moves!"

Woah woah woah! Look at her shake!
The way she shake ah really worries me sometimes if she might sprain her waist. Lol!
Damn flexible de leh! Like those Hula shaking dancers you put in the car! 

 Looking kinda lonely :(

She danced till everyone left the dance floor and still refuses to leave! 
She seems very into costumes that day cos she refuses to take off the Kitty costume previously and now she refuses to take off the ballerinas stuffs!
So we had no choice but to bluff her we'll go buy later. Lol.

Okay since she loves dancing so much, definitely gonna bring her for ballet lessons soon!

Pingu's igloo! It's actually all the arcade games inside.

 Hugs for Pingu!

"Watcha looking at?"

Aww so cute!!! This is what she'll do when you ask her to show you Rabbit face! Lol.
This is also what she'll give you when you scold her, pouting! 
So you really don't know if you should be angry or laugh!
This girl is super good in confusing people's emotions cannot maintain de leh!

Off we go to the 4th Storey which is The Thomas and Friends! 
That's also where all the rides are!

Waiting for the train!

 Clovine was a little scared but she enjoyed it at the end. Didn't even wanna leave!

Mini Drop off!

The place has the Genting indoor theme park feel! 
The queues are short and you can go on it over and over again!

In the Harold's helicopter ride!

Bumper cars! But kids has to be at least 120cm :(

The bus that goes up up up! But we skipped that because Hubby says Clovine would be scared but I think its actually hubby who is scared. HAHA! 
Its just 2-3 storeys! -.-"""

They also have this playground for kids like the gym ones in singapore but this is damn big! But we didn't have time for it as they were about to close when we wanted to go in :(((

So the rides made the ticket extra worth it because of the kiddy rides which is unlimited and short waiting time! Very suitable for families!

As said in my previous kitty post, food here is so much better with more varieties!
Love these wedges which is very crispy!!!
I think its around RM 7-9. Their food is affordable just like fast food prices.

Back to 3rd Storey for Barney's mini treehouse playground!

Having fun squashing the mini cube sits -.-

This is very funny! 
Hubby slide down and its Clovine's turn but last minute she backed out and ran away!
So Hubby went to catch her and they came down together!

Went back to Hello kitty town wanting to ride the Teacups ride but they're already cleaning it :(

So we actually stayed till the park closes at 6pm before leaving for the gift shop!

Favourite Kitty!!!

My very cheeky babies. Hahaha Hubby is like a big kid when he's with Clovine!

 Little twin stars! Purposely took this for Yeexin to see as its her favourite! 

The cups are damn cute! But cost RM 49.90 think its around the same price in SG too.

The shop sells lots of sanrio characters stuffs and also stuffs of the characters from The Little Big Club!
But some of the sanrio stuffs like the keychains are really overpriced and they can also be found in SG's sanrio stores. So its nothing special like those specially manufactured for the park.
Wanted to get a really cute cinnamoroll keychain but it cost RM 79.90!!! 
Way too expensive so I was forced to put it back :(

Ended our visit at the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park! Really worth the visit when we saw how happy Clovine was when she's there! So Hubby said that we'll go back again 6 months later hoping that the constructions would be ready by then! Yeah!!! Hubby always says its like she has two daughters. Lol... True true... :P
The Little Big Club

"Visit us soon!"


Headed over to Aeon Bukit Indah after that to stock up Clovine's diapers and of cos loads of snacks!!!
Diapers sold in Malaysia are very cheap so we always stock up her diapers there whenever we go!
Mamy poko can be as cheap as SGD $16-$17! Other brands is also definitely cheaper than mamy poko!

Since SG govt isn't helping us by lowering our living expenses, we shall spend our money overseas then! Always feels better spending money overseas then in SG! :P

But if I didn't get to know hubby, I wouldn't even frequent Malaysia and get to know that they have so many good bargains there! :D

Hubby and Clovine playing with this bouncing machine which is damn cute in Jusco!
But obviously its Clovine enjoying while Hubby works hard by stepping on the board to make Clovine and her bunny character bounce to win the race! Hahaha.

Got this really cute Hello kitty aviator shades for Clovine at Jusco!
Best part is it only cost SGD $8!

Hope you can't wait to visit Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park after reading my blog post!
You and your family would definitely enjoy it there as much as we did!

Visit Puteri Harbour Family Theme park's website for more information!

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