Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Part 1: Surprises!

The first surprise this year for Hubby's 23rd is the Iphone 5!

Brought it from Apple store without him knowing and had it shipped over to his workplace instead of me giving it to him!
I love giving surprises because its the waiting process before the surprise that is exciting!
It was an advance one as the shipping can't be dragged till 15 December then deliver, which his birthday and he's working.
Obviously he had no idea bout a new phone till someone arrives at his workplace with his parcel!
He didn't even wanna take it at first cos he's quite shocked as to why is there a couriered parcel for him from china! Lol. And yes the iphone I bought apple store online was sent out from china ;/
Haha can imagine he's shocked face when he received the parcel and immediately called me. Lol.
But it took him to two weeks to start using he's Iphone 5 cos he wanted to wait for his 3 year old iphone 3gs to spoil completely even when the lock button is spoiled and the sound buttons has dropped out -.-
Forced him to use his Iphone 5 in the end. Why he so jie sheng?! -__-"

Happy Hubby with his Birthday present! I wonder why Clovine looks happier than him.

Now for the second surprise...
I baked a 2 layer sponge cake for him a day before he's birthday!

This time I bought Betty Cocker's premix instead of making it from scratch cos I'm afraid I would fail in making a sponge cake from scratch.
I very loser one can't afford to fail cos I'll be very down and angry with myself and make sure I get it right before the day ends or I'll just sulk at one corner. Lol.

Actually I failed at the first attempt and wasted a box of premix. So being the very loser me, I immediately rushed out to get another box of premix. Die die must get it right one.
Can't blame me ok cos it's been years since I baked one using premix. Lollll.

 How the premix looks after mixing it with 3 eggs, butter and water.

Tadah first layer done after cutting away the burnt layer! 
Finally succeeded because this time I filled the mix up to half of the tin only instead of 3/4 of the tin.
Thats why I ended up with the uncooked cake for my first try.
I was so happy that I was jumping around the house! Before that I was just dragging my feet and can't stop sighing. Lolllll.

The crumbs and layers cut out to make the first layer nicer and more layered.
Clovine finished all of this! LOL.
So no wastage!
Another way is you can crumble these up and mix in cream cheese or frosting to make cake pops!

The Chocolate melter I bought from Qoo10!!!
Omg I'm so happy with this mini melter because I suck at melting chocolates!
Always end up burning them with the microwave and boiling water -.-
But now with this melter,  I will have no more burnt chocolate!!!!! 
So damn happy! I can finally dip my cake pops in smooth chocolates!

See my chocolates melted so smoothly and did not get burnt!!!!

Made some moulded chocolates too!
The moulds comes with the melter! :D
Very worth it and cheap!
Click below to get one now! Good for fondues too! :D


Here's the end product after another layer of cake,chocolate layer and sprinkles!
I'm so proud of myself! Lol.

Look how smoother the chocolate is and hardens within minutes in the fridge!

Candles up first while waiting for Hubby to be home! 
But he couldn't get a cab on time and only reached home at 12.45am :(

Called hubby at 12am to wish him a happy birthday! Clovine wished him too and guess what she pronounced happy birthday as? 
"Happy Bird vehhhhh" HAHAHAHA so damn adorable!

While waiting at the gate for hubby to be back...

This Clovine can't stop eyeing at the caking! 
She kept making the "Uum Uum Uum" sound too! Hahahaha!

Posing while waiting for daddy to be back!

Spiderman wannabe -.-"

 Cookie the kaypoh confirm join us in waiting one. Lol.

Then she got really bored while waiting and started plucking the leaves from my dad's plants!

Still not back....

 Then I saw the lift coming up and hurried to light up the candles!!!

Here comes the lead.... Hahahaha.

Hehe Clovine looking so adorable with daddy!

They realy have the same expressions and features O.o

Clovine blowing the candles instead of hubby~ HER FAVOURITE!

So now for the moment Clovine has been waiting for since ages....

is to give the cake a big bite!

"Ahhh relief. That is gooddddd!" 

Here's how the inside looks like! 

From my instagram @sandywxy :)

Fyi, this is just 1/3 post for Hubby's birthday! 
Check back for more and I'm aiming to finish them on Friday! 
Till then~

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