Monday, December 31, 2012

X'mas w the babies!

Met up with the mummies and the babies last Sunday for our Christmas meetup and exchange at Causeway point!
Same place we met up at for Christmas dinner a year ago! 

 Cranky Clovine because she wants to play at the playground.

Swensens for lunch same dining place as last year again! Lol.

 Merri-mint! Yummmmms.

After lunch brought the kids to the playground just outside Swensens for some fun!

Toddlers having some fun!
A year ago they were still crawling around, now they are running!

 Yixian's Enen is the only cooperative toddler who poses for camera when asked to!


 Rayvelle and Jerbel!

 Lol I dont know why the kids are so obsessed with sitting on the flowers.

 Seee! Super cooperative de leh! Super good with poses. Lol.

 And my Clovine is only good with cheeky faces. Lol.

 Captions please. 
"Up, up and away!"
"I'm the king of the world!"
"Listen up yo, Clovine is gonna rap!"

 3 Little tigresses climbing up the mountain!
Jerbel was behind them if you're wondering why there were 3 tigresses.

 Told you Clovine is very good with weird and cheeky faces. Lol.

 Gifts exchange time!

 "Hmm which should I pick?"

 Then comes Rayvelle...

 Followed by Enen the super model. Lol.

 So cute with all her poses!

 Photo with the mummies and non cooperative babies.

Clovine passing the babies the presents!
So adorrable to see the kids interact!

 Enen with the christmas present for me! Thank you Yixian!

 And one for Clovine!

 Present looking huge on Clovine's hands. Lol


 Never easy to capture all three toddlers looking!

The geh kiang Clovine trying to carry the big bag of presents!

 Presents received! For Clovine and myself from the mummies and babies!
Thank you!!!

 Suitcases redeemed from AMK hub.
Hmm kinda disappointed with the lousy cardboard material :(((

 Sitting on Present opening presents. Hahaha.

 Look at all the Kitty stuffs!!! :DDDD
And right after this picture......

Clumsy Clovine fell down! LOLLOL!!!!
Can't stop laughing at this picture! HAHAHAAH!


Might not be so actively updating my blog as my lappy has been sent for servicing AGAIN!
Can still blog using my old 10"inch lappy but the screen is so small and I kinda hate blogging with small screen!
But I'll try my best to blog as I don't wanna lose readers just like the first time my lappy went servicing.
Oh and help me click on my nuffnang ads! Thanks! :D