Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Part 2: Yum Cha (Review)

Mummy treated Hubby on his actual birthday, 15 December at Yum Cha, Chinatown.

Read a few reviews of Yum Cha on google and most of the reviews were bad services etc. So I was quite skeptical bout the service they could offer.
The place was indeed a little old like those traditional Hong Kong Yum Chas but it was full of people! 
The service was quite good as they serve up food really fast and quick not like what the bad stuffs I read about on google.

She's going nuts for nuts!

Love the Prawn and mango sesame fritters! The one on the top right of the picture!

The Xiao Long Bao and Char siew sou is yummy too!

Overall the dim sums were not bad and has alot of variety!
Lol at Clovine's face. "Mmmmm more food...."

Peking duck! Not the best but acceptable.

Whole table of dim sums!!!! 

The new tech generation.
Kids are so fortunate nowadays.

The menu with more varieties at the back.

My fave Chicken Claws!!! Lots of collagen!

This is how food is served! They push different carts around and you get like a few dishes immediately on your table instead of ordering one by one and wait.

The Dim sums were surprisingly good looks cheap at like $3-4 plus a plate but the bill came up to be like $120+. Might be we ordered quite alot and obviously the Gst and tax came up quite alot. -.-"
Dining in Singapore is so not worth because of the GST and tax! ;(

After lunch, Hubby went off to work on his birthday as its was a Saturday which is also a not possible day for him to take off. So I actually helped him celebrated his birthday the next day which is his off day! And its just the two of us on a date! Will blog about it in my next post :)

Clovine driving at my Auntie's house in the evening. This car is at least 15 years old! Used to be at my grandma's hse where we cousins play with it! So precious to my cousin that he didn't bare to give it to people. Lol.
Very happy in the ride!

"Check out my new ride yo!"

"You yes you! Want a ride?"