Sunday, January 13, 2013


So sorry for the lack of updates as I've yet to collect my laptop and I was really busy for the past 2 weeks!

Busy with preparing Clovine for school, job interviews and job searching!

Clovine started her first day of school on 2 January 2013 and it was half a day for her for the first 3 days.

Since Clovine started with her school, it's obviously time for me to get a job!
Have been searching for jobs throught the job search webs since Nov and it was interviews after interviews ;/
I think I went for around 7 or 8 interviews before I finally got a job!
Now I know how difficult it is to really get a job suitable for me and can accommodate my timing.
Seriously not as easy as I thought. Glad it's over for the time being! *Phewwww

I started work on 10 January 2013 as a dental assistant at a dental clinic which is very near my house and Clovine's school!
Working as a part time and will continue on even when I start school in march.

Oh and yes I registered for my diploma course in PSB on Wednesday!
So I'll be going back to school on 25 March!
Really mixed feelings bout this but I really really wanna make this work super well.

Another exciting thing is that we'll be going for our family outdoor shoot with Lumiere photography at Lower Peirce Reservoir tmr!
Hopefully Clovine will cooperate and the pictures will turn out extremely pretty!
Can't wait for the pictures and I'm sure you guys can't too!!!

Okay enough of updates and I shall blog with details after I get my Lappy this coming Wednesday!
Till then~ :)

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