Saturday, February 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here's a very very late post of how we spent our christmas last year!
Hahaha. So sorry for the really long hiatus and lack of proper updates :/
You know after I started working my energy level at the end of the day is just so low... or rather just lazy to do anything. Lol.

Last christmas was spent with the family! Went farmway 1 to look at puppies for sale and then pasir ris park for kite flying and bubble blowing!
Will be a very simple post with pictures doing most of the talking instead of me typing cos I just wanna finish this late post before I can do up the latest happenings! Hehehe.

Farmway 1 at Pasir ris that's also the place where we got Cookie 5 years ago! If you're looking for a puppy you can get it there at a much cheaper price then pet shops but if can adoption is still the best way! ;)

Pasir Ris park! So long since we've been there...

Father and daughter bonding time. Always playing and tickling.

Bubbles!!! Clovine loves swinging the wand so hard that the bubbles burst before its even formed. Lol.

Like a happy only.

Below are some awesome pictures taken with my Nikon J1! 
Sharp focus, blurred background :)

"Uh oh"

Hehe so cute!

Wrong focus. Lol. but Clovine is obviously having alot of fun!

The way she holds the bubble wand is like casting spell like that. 

What's with the face hubby? Lol...

How she looks like when she goes "uh oh..." 

Soft focus on bubble and sharp focus on Clovine! Perfect! :D

Ikea Tampines for dinner after all the fun!
Always love lying on the beds at ikea!

Ice cream!!!

"Miss me?"

"Why you no give me presents?!" *POUTS

Hubby also cooked Chilli crab for our lunch! Yummmmms!

Now for our Christmas prezzzies!

 Hubby hid my surprise and asked me to find. He actually asked Yeexin to help him buy it and told me he went to buy food but came home with this! Hehehe.

Rose gold colour is my fave!

Yay loving my new bracelet! Second bracelet from hubby! ^^

Thank you Hubby! Muaaaaa!

 Hubby with the Xmas prezzie I got for him!
Very happy cos he finally owned this headphone for his PS3 which he has been bugging me to let him buy. Lol.

Hehe love you!
Christmas is best spent with family like that :)