Sunday, February 17, 2013

Penang 6-7 'Feb (Day 1)

Drove over to Penang for 2D1N after we reached Ipoh the next day with my yellow family, Raymond and Chung Sing! The ride was about 1 and a half - 2 hours from Ipoh.

First stop, Gurney Plaza for some shopping! Huge shopping centre located at George Town which is like our town in Singapore. Penang is so much more "advanced" than Ipoh and their shops has the latest stuffs and branded shops like Coach, Aldo etc. 

Dragon-i for our late lunch first!

Forever doing weird things to make people laugh.

After this trip back for cny, I found another side of Hubby!
The crazy, humourous and lame side that he has been hiding which I've not seen before!
Only comes out when he's with he's friends! Lol.
Totally different side of him which I kinda love and hate because sometimes its just super duper lame and CMI! 

Like a boss!

My jasmine, green tea and dk what leaves tea. What a cute ball of leaves!

Then it slowly starts to "bloom" with my jasmine flower in it! 
So cool right?

Super love this recommended rice dish that I ordered! 
Super soft and tender chicken with yummylicious chicken rice!!!

Fried Carrot Cake.

Xiao long baos!

There's even a huge Toy'r us in there!
 Old school bubble gum machine!

Super swag baby girl!

This Clovine kept calling "pa pa, buy" because she wanna buy the motorcycle and refuses to leave.
Even 3 men can't persuade a small girl to leave! Lol.

Desserts time right after an hour or so after our lunch! Gosh when I'm with them it's always eating!
We had like brunch > desserts > coffee time > dinner cum supper in less then 5 hrs! 
Won't fat is bluff one!

Freezing cold mango juice that gives me brain freezeeeeee!

Fattening mango desserts!

Seaview just outside the plaza!

Then we headed over to this super wow place just for coffee -.-"
Straits Quay, the atmosphere there is awesome and relaxing!!

Just like our Keppel bay but bigger and huge sea view!

LOL at Clovine's centre parting and high forhead by the wind! 

HAHAHAHA so not like her!!!

If only one of these belongs to us.... *Daydreams...

"Yo lai yo kei" is how she always walks. Lol my hiao baby girl.

Marching or modeling? Posture very good hor?!

LOL super unglam photo of both of them!!! LOLLOL!!!

Full of beans for coffee! Atas place just for coffee and cakes.
There are all kinds of coffee there and some of them costs rm40+ - 50+ just for a cup! 

Pretty interior at Straits Quay.

Huge melon seeds anyone? 

Dress from Flaunt.CC 
Sandals from Charles and keith

Unglam Clovine enjoying her ice cream!
Totally never care for her image liao. Lol.

Headed over to Gurney Drive/Wan Chai Kok for our dinner which is beside Gurney Plaza.

It's a popular night market selling all the Penang famous local delights!

Finally get to try the authentic Penang Assam Laksa!

Slurps~ Damn yummy and the noodles are totally different not like the usual bouncy chewy kind of machine made noodles.
Awww now I'm craving for a bowl already! :(

Another must try dish there is the Fried Chicken skin! 
Though its fattening, but it isn't as oily as it seems and its super crisp!!!

Wanton mee that looks delicious!

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