Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yeye's Birthday

4th day of our trip, headed over to "Dai Shu Geok" 大树脚, for their famous laksa and yong tau fu!

1427 Jalan Prince Kampung Pasir Pinji Baru, 31650 Ipoh, Perak

They sell all the popular local delights there like Ipoh style chee cheong fun and popiah.

 "Does this count as a yummy face?"

 Daddy's Clovine's playmate. Isn't it obvious? :)

This is how they sell fireworks and crackers! Hmm not cheap to buy from them also.

What's with their faces? Lol.
Cannot stand 2 Sagittarius together. Too much playfulness alrdy!

Here comes the mmmm laksa!

Got Hungry? If yes, that's my motive! Muahaha.

My cutiepie with her cheeks getting chubbier!

Little piggy with dirty mouth says muackkks!!

Then Ipoh parade for my fav kaya balls! 

 Wanted to do my nails for the cny too but everywhere was fully booked :(

Headed back in the evening for Hubby's Yeye's birthday dinner!

Lao yu sheng is a Cantonese kind of thing. So we lao-ed like at least 3 times with the same ppl for cny. Lol

 That's Hubby's mum and yeye.

 I actually don't know meat is this so since it taste yummy I just pretended it was beef. 
Lol might be deer?

 I love this fish! I can't stop eating it and the sauce is just delish together!

Pork ribs another of my favourite!

 Shou mian.

 Prawns which is surprisingly not popular with our table. No taste one ;(

Fried sotong which Clovine can't stop eating!

 Nobody likes vege right? Say NO!

 And this Clovine can't stop running from tables to tables with her new bird balloon that only costs RM5!
I saw Singapore selling this kind of balloons in Chinatown and it costs SGD5-7 O.o

Granny's house after dinner.
 Hubby's photography... speechless. Take Clovine until so ugly!
Looks cute when you're young but when you're a grown up, unglam photos are just ewwww.

 What's with the pouty lips baby?

 Motor with a spoilt battery so poor hubby has to push Clovine all over the house.
Clovine gets angry when he stops pushing her! AHAHAHA!


 Cake cutting time!

Clovine kept eyeing on the cake! She loves those covered in chocolate and if its covered in cream, she wouldn't even eat it. Lol.
Poor Clovine has been celebrating a few birthdays in school and she has to wait till dec for her turn. 
Quite sad leh when ppl get ic or driving license next time, she still waiting.
What I always laugh at ppl who has their birthday at the end of the year. Lol...

 Happy birthday Yeye!
May you stay healthy and wishing you longevity ^^

 Clovine singing and clapping along to the birthday song!

 Eyes never leave the cake one leh. 

See her gentle yet um chio face because she finally got her cake! LOL.

 Just find a seat, squeeze in and enjoy the cake!
Who cares whose next to you or it's squeezy, as long as there's food/cake, anythings fine!

Next post: Cny eve!