Monday, March 4, 2013

Chinese new year eve!

I had the most enjoyable Chinese New Year eve here at Ipoh which is even better then the eve in 2010 which falls a day before my 17th birthday!
Okay lah actually can't compare cos Hubby actually baked a cake to surprise me in 2010 which is very touching and sweet for me. Hehehe. Read here.

Cny eve was awesome with great company which are hubby's friends, chit chatting, gambling and not forgetting lots of fireworks and firecrackers!!!
It's really very lively and full of cny feel there not like sg where we have to squeeze like sardines just to see that few fireworks and crackers -.-"

 Over here you can enjoy free fireworks show that people put at the comfort of your home!
Damn shiok! At times there are even really huge one that are super beautiful!
What's best is you get to see fireworks and hear firecrackers throughout the whole CNY!
See till you sian ah. Lol.

Now for some firecrackers introduction! Hahaha I know Singaporeans nowadays might not even get a chance to touch these...
 Firecrackers hubby bought!

 He really cannot maintain when he's back with his friends. Really very wild and crazy one!
Totally split personality!
Quite fun at times, quite annoying at times. 

This is the ice cream cracker which produces sparks that looks like flowers!
Very pretty one!

A video of how the ice cream crackers looks like.

Managed to capture a still image of it with my nikon with the Smart photo selector mode :D

Here's the smaller kind of crackers where you light it up and throw.
Quite fun and exciting one cos you'll be so scared after lighting up then you will anyhow throw. Lol.

A really small kind of crackers with nothing much to see but its just the excitement of lighting it up and throwing it as fast as you can. Lol.

Then when fireworks gone wrong and hubby decides to put us at risk... Ooooops!

Remember the super long stick found in the picture on top?
It's actually a handheld cracker where you hold the stick and watch the fireworks shoot up.
Heard mil say that my sil once got one of the fireworks on its face and left a small scar and no dares to hold it so we poke it into the ground and light.
Quite boring actually.

If you're thinking chey all so boring... here's one which many would be familliar with!
Fireworks show!!! 
This is still the best right? Those you usually see during events and festivals in SG.
Hubby didn't buy this because this kind is expensive!
Small boxes one cost around rm200 or less and huge ones range from rm300 to even rm400!
But there's no such need to light those unless you win lottery lah cos we get to see free ones which people light up! Hahaha.
Some damn rich one every night sure will light those bigger than the ones you see in the video!
Damn shiok!

And these are the golden dragon eggs which I don't dare to play cos must light up and throw very fast! 

Here's momo! Remember the small cute puppy from our last trip back? 
It's him who has grown so much bigger! 
Can you believe he's only 8 months old? 

Part of Hubby's Childhood friends.

Group photo together with hubby's friends.
Quite envy how close they can still be even though they seldom meet up like once in a year or even once in a few years!

Preparing the stuffs to invite the god of fortune into the house at 1am!
People there have this practise of inviting God of fortune on the first day of cny!
I guess singaporeans seldom do it alrdy because our corridor is just TOO small and it's too much of a hassle.

Time for Kong ming Lantern!!!
Clovine: "Ohhhh got new toys!!!"
SIL: "Don't you dare come and disturb!" *Stares


So here's SIL looking really pissed off and look at how cheeky Clovine looked!
Qi si ren ahhhhh!

Are you thinking why our lantern looks so clean?
LOL cos they only wrote one sentence there which is for Wong family to prosper or something. 
Must be the most plain looking lantern ever!

Moving out to wait for more hot air produced before the lantern can fly.

Up it goes!!!
My second time putting Kong ming lantern!
The first time was when I went on a trip to Taipei with my secondary school in Sec 2.
Still rmb we get to make our own and how messy the lantern was!

Seeeeee.... Hubby doing his crazy actions again.

He think very cute ah...
I think he seriously is too stressed up in SG that's why go back jiu completely let down liao.

Up and up it goes... so preetttty.

Ending my eve with a polaroid picture :)

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