Friday, March 15, 2013


So sorry for the lack of updates as I've been busy with so much things lately!
Packing the house, last minute trip to bangkok with mum and of course my naughty Clovine!
Or rather basically I'm just lazy to update because when there's free time, all I wanna do is nua my day away. Lol.
I know I missed out so much post which are still in my drafts.
I'll try to edit and resize the pictures I have asap so that I can finish up my drafts and post them soon!
Do be patient with ok? Meanwhile you can follow my instagram @sandywxy for more regular updates of photos or just quick on my ads by the right and top of my blog :)

Here's a sneak of what's coming up:
- Chinese new year day 1 & 2
- Ipoh trip
- 20th Birthday cum V'day
- Clovine's first day of school
- Preparing Clovine for school
- Outdoor shoot with Lumiere Photography
- Bangkok with mum

As you can see I'm too slow so do give me some time ok? Hopefully I did not miss out on anything :)