Tuesday, April 9, 2013

20th cum Valentine's ♥

Had been looking forward to sharing with you guys how I spent my 20th!
Finally this will be my last post of my Ipoh CNY trip!
This trip was a super long which lasted for 10 days, so I'm sorry if you got bored with the Ipoh stuffs. Hah.

Here it goes.
Before the clock turns 12 midnight, Hubby went out with Simon and Kelvin and didn't say where he was going.
So I thought maybe he's going to get my cake from I don't know where?
But when the clock strikes 12 midnight, there's still no sight of hubby and there was no birthday messages from anyone at all. VERY SAD.

30 mins after midnight, Hubby's motor is back! He asked me to take my camera and hop on the motorcycle! I was like huh where are we going? Isn't there supposed to be fireworks like how I requested? LOLLOL.
Then we arrived at the huge grass patch and saw light from a far. After walking closer I saw the light sticks which shows "Birthday".
I am seriously touched without tears but I just can't stop smiling. Its like the second time hubby did such a sweet surprise and the first time was the proposal.
Ahhhhhhhhh meltsssss. Though Hubby didn't light up fireworks but at that moment other people from the other side of the Kampung lit up the fireworks! Lol. Free show and nice timing.

 If you're wondering why is there only a "birthday" without the "happy", it's because they did not buy enough light sticks and hubby had to break up some light sticks to draw it on the grass patch.
HAHAHA sibei budget and the broken light liquid could not last long enough.

 This is how white I can get with camera flash! 

 It was really a pretty sight even though it was not complete. Heart melts liao lah ;')

I thought the surprise was over but when we got back, Chung sing came out with a cake!
Requested a photo of him with the cake but he wanted to siam so the photo become like that. 

 Omg I just realised that the words on the cake wrote "Happy Birthday Baby Sandy"
But I thought Hubby asked his friends to help him get the cake?! 
SIBEI FUNNY! Can't imagine how they told the person to write "Baby Sandy". 
Quite hair stand to hear the "Baby Sandy"

 Hehe my sweet little family! 
Loving Clovine's wide smile though quite fake like how her daddy smiles in our wedding photos.

 Hahaha can't stop laughing at the "Baby Sandy" and how stupid of me to only realise it now when I'm blogging. Lol.

Hubby specially got an ice cream cake for me!
Obviously not as good as swensens' but still so happy he has the heart!

Then don't who went to get back the light sticks and Chung sing rearrange it to the chinese version!

 So nice!!!

Hehehe really wanna thank all his friends for making this surprise possible and celebrating for me.
Most important person to thank of cos is my Hubby!
Thank you my baby Nic (HAHAHAHAH) for planning this surprise for me!
Really really happy that I finally have a sweet surprise from you!
Hehehehe Love you! ♥♥♥

 After all the fun it's back to seriousness. GAMBLING!

 Some birthday luck in the beginning but it didn't last long! URGH!

Got ready the next morning to load all our stuffs into the car as we were getting ready to head back to Singapore. Mega heaviness whenever we are going to head back Singapore :(

Our car that day was super full because we had 6 pomelos, 4 packs of diapers, 1 luggage, a few bags, bags of groceries, 4 adults and 1 baby!
Raymond and Simon tagged along with us as we supposed we had space. Lol.
Though it was a little squeezy but it was definitely more fun to have more people on a road trip!
Now I agree with hubby that we should get a family car even though I've been protesting about getting a family car because it's so huge and ugly and I definitely will have difficulty in car parks.
Worst come to worst I'll just drive and let hubby do the parking lor. HAHAHAH!

Simon lighting up the last cracker found in the car before we leave so that we don't get fined at the custom. 

 "No! I dont want a picture!!!" *Blocks

Why did she inherit her daddy's toothy fake smile :((((

Hahaha got same hor? LOL.
(Picture from 2009)

 Then we stopped at some place for lok lok before heading for our long journey back!

 Mmmmmm so yums!! My first time eating lok lok!
Used to feel disgusted about it as people from the past just dip into the sauce everyone dips in.
But nowadays everyone use a bowl of sauce each for their lok lok!

 Mmmmm so yums the sauce. Now it's added to my list of must haves when we go back Ipoh!

 After a few hours of journey, we stopped at one of the stops near JB for dinner!

Now I realised that most of the stops in Malaysia has Baskin Robbins!!

 Rm5 for one! So cheap!!!! 
Must have if you're in Malaysia because its so cheap compared to SG's price!

 We always have to get a trolley to help carry all our stuffs up.

Amount of letter and packages after being gone for 10 days!

 Back home my mum also bought a cake for me! So loved!
Last year I had none because we forgotten bought getting a cake in hongkong but this year I had two! :D

 Our shag faces after a 7 hours drive!
Except for Clovine who is grinning at the cake!

HAHA one word for the photo, SHAG!

Clovine blowing my candles!
Poor Clovine has to see all her friends celebrate their birthday in school before her turn in DEC!

 Purposely cut out a stitch face for Clovine!

Paradise Dynasty for lunch that sunday for my belated birthday treat from hubby!
Was supposed to have dim sums in Ipoh before we head back instead of lok lok but it was not on the way so gave it a miss.
In order to compensate my dimsum lunch, Hubby bought me to Paradise Dynasty!

 The weird things this duo always does.
"I believe I can flyyyyyyy~"

 The yolk is not as slimy as those Japanese ramen ones but Clovine eat them all!

 "I can even eat with my eyes closed!"

MY FAVE!!!! This is the best I've ever tasted!

 Springrolls hubby's favourite.

I love the Zha jiang mian! A little spicy but its so appetising!
I think its actually ma po tofu which is my favourite as long as there's tofu!

 Hubby's fried chicken ramen.

 Guo tie also very nice!!

Eating noodles one by one with her hands! :/

 HHAHAHA Clovine really look like a mini granny in Qipao and those old kind of granny sweater!

Now for Presents!

Hubby bought me this bag days before we left for Ipoh so that I can use it there!
He left earlier for work on saturday saying he has to reach early that day but the truth is he actually went alone to get me this bag and he chose it himself as I've never seen or said about this bag before.
When I went out of the room that night after Hubby came home, I saw a Michael Kors paper bag on the floor outside out room!
Honestly I was a little disappointed because it wasn't the design I told him before and the colour is usually not the colour I would pick for a bag.
So hubby asked me to change to something else the next day which I didn't as I start to feel this bag is actually quite nice!
Wanted to change to the navy coloured one but feel this colour is more unique.
So I kept this piece and I'm loving it more each time I see it!
Hehehe and it was also one of the things Hubby bought for me without asking me to chose the design I want. Yay ^^

 Of cos Hubby gets his share of present too because it's Vday. 
Hai why my birthday I still have to buy present for people? 
One of the disadvantage of being born on Vday!
Another disadvantage I can name out is everywhere will be crowded especially restaurants whereby the queue is freaking long!
So I told hubby next time he cook me a candle lit dinner and we dine at home can liao.
His reply was you buy my nice plates I sure cook pretty ones for you -.-""""""""

Fitflops from my mum!!! 
Hehe Love how it increases my height without hurting and worrying bout walking for long hours!

Lastly a pair of Earrings from my girls Yanntorng, Yeexin and Geraldine!
No celebration this year because I was away :(((

Had the simplest yet heartwarming birthday this year with both Hubby's and my family and hubby's friends too.
Really grateful having just the people around us help celebrate my birthday.
Thank you so much hubby for making another memorable birthday for me!
Love you and Xuanxuan so much!