Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clovine goes to school!

I know it's been 4 months since Clovine started school but so sorry I'm so busy with 5 jobs a day so I hardly have time to really blog nowadays.
5 jobs?!?! I'm a full time mum, wife, daughter, student and a part time salesgirl at Taka.
Okay back to topic. Enjoy!

My little toddler started school at My First Skool on 2 January 2013 and it was half a day for the first 3 days with me accompanying her for the first two days!

Well she obviously was not used to seeing so many kids and mixing with them. So, she was kinda shy and kept sticking to me and hubby. Hubby was there with us on the first day but left after half an hour for work.

 Sleepy hubby and Clovine up for school.

Playing with toys first till everyone arrives at 9am.

Then they headed for their walk which was super cute because all of them were holding on to the string with handles.

This Clovine really likes to lead. Hold the handle in the middle halfway, she walked to the front and wanted to lead with the teacher!
She cooperated holding on for quite some time till we're on the way back she wanted me to carry her.
Guess she's still quite not used to walking long distance and got tired.

Then it was story time! Same thing this Clovine likes acting like a boss. Lol.
Other kids sit on the floor, this Clovine wants to sit on a chair -.-

Choo choo train!

Lunch time! The food smells and looks good!!!
Ever since Clovine started school, her appetite just gradually increases which is is a very good thing because she's a really really small eater.
So when she's in school, teacher always says she finished her food provided its the food she likes like noodles or pasta etc.
So yah our school fees paid is worth it cos she eats more meals there then at home!

My little girl loves snakes or rather the cold blooded animals like frogs and tortise, turtles....
Weird, super weird right? Lol yea she's a super special kid. Hahaha.

Because it's only half a day for the first 3 days, we left after lunch.
And this is how Clovine fell asleep at home while standing! 
She's so tired from half a day at school because she's seldom awake that early.
Hahahaha so funny!

Second day of school!
 Daddy sent her to school only and she felt very sad when he left for work.
Looking happy but this is how she is in school.

Sitting away from the others. She's very not used to mixing with kids of her age so I think she feels weird seeing all her age kids.
It's only till recently her teacher told me she's starting to mix around and she started joining the class after a month.

Hehe my cheeky baby ^^

Having fun with bubbles in the room!
Clovine eyed this box of balls in the room and she can't stop looking at it. So the teacher brought it down for them to play!
Looked at how happy my girl is! 
But do you realise she's always standing quite a distance away from the group to play?
My poor lonely baby :(
Too used to being the only child at home. Hahaha.

Then they played with the tunnel!
 Saw the girls tapping on those kids' head while they are crawling?

 And the monkey see, monkey do! 
LOL damn funny cos you can totally see Clovine's cheeky face!

 How Clovine slept on the second day of school! 

Third day of school!
 Happy Clovine, grumpy Hubby!

On the third day, I tried leaving Clovine alone in school and wanted to leave her for the whole day.
But teacher called at 12 plus saying Clovine kept looking at the window like waiting for me to come pick her which makes me really sad. For a moment I even have the urge of not letting her go school alrdy ;/
Hearing her calling me mummy with the smile on her face just makes me feel like crying :')
Funny thing is that we were both crying while on the way home. Lol. 
Another weird thing with the school is they haven't even helped her bathe when I picked her up! So in the first place they alrdy didn't really want to leave Clovine for the full day alrdy. 
But like seriously you can just say in the first place when I asked is it possible to try leave her for a day right? -.-"
Whatever lah.

Check out Clovine in her school uniform!
She finally received her uniform after a month of school because we are only allowed to order the uniforms after she has been to school for two weeks...
 She learned how to twist in school! 
HEr twist would be two fingers up and another hand would only have her index finger up!
Super adorable right? Hehehehe.
She recently also knows how to do the cute cute action by putting both her index finger on her cheeks like the gwiyomi!

Hehehe my adorable baby girl has grown up so much! 
Really kinda miss newborns now :')