Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CNY DAY 3 & 4

CNY day 3 was spent with Hubby's friends!
Had lunch at Dai shu geok again! 

Bought a big sweep ticket for fun which I've still not checked if we've won. Lol.

Ordered more food this time as there're more of us this time and chicken rice was one of them.
Totally won't recommend you guys to order it!
Expensive and super "chewy" :/

Ipoh style popiah. Not sure what sauce is that but it was so yummy!

This is what's in the popiah and its super crispy! So yums :D

Monkey faces duo.

And the must have there is their Laksa with wu xiang which I've introduced in my previous post!

"Hi are you looking for me?" ^^

"Ooops I'm really not trying to steal papa's wallet."
Clovine's #OOTD!
Sweet blue layered dress from Fox Kids and the cutesy sneakers from HnM!

After lunch, we headed to Aeon station 18 for some shopping!
"Guess what I'm engrossed with!"

"I'm actually listening to the lion dances below as I'm too afraid to see them but I love to hear them!"
Lol my weird girl.

"Yay daddy bought a kitty for me!"

"So here's a kiss for you!"

So what's our entertainment at night?

Gambling of course!

And supper from the mama shop! Yum yums!
Life's just great there and stress free! Hehehe.

Day 4
Actually wanted to head to the famous Dim sum at town but we were too late and it's closed at 3am already. What a disappointment because dim sums were my favourite! :(

So they decided to head to a really cool kind of cafe at town but sadly it was full also.

Try walking through the small alleys next time you visit another country because there'll always be interesting things to see. 

In the end we had to settle at some coffee shop which most of the stalls were already closed -.-

BBQ with the relatives at night right in front of our house!
So good have your own land with big space infront! I'm so gonna have a garden next time we move back. Hahaha.

Momo a little stunned from all the fireworks there and my little terror. 
My little terror will always ask her mama to bring her our every night so that she can throw stones at Momo.
Poor dog.

Same expression again. 

All the kids in the house watching ice age.

Clovine sitting on the chair instead of the floor. Really know how to enjoy.

Check out Clovine's erm cousin?
She's actually Hubby's cousin's daughter so not sure what you call them.
Three generations under one roof is a mess. Lol.
Doesn't she and Clovine look alike? But their characters are totally opposite.
Anyway she's older than Clovine by 2 months :)

Then hubby's friends came too for gambling and BBQ!
3 BBQ pits is shiokness!

Then at 12am, it's surprise time!

Next post: My 20th birthday cum Valentine's day.

And yes, I'm a valentine baby!