Monday, May 6, 2013

Outdoors with Lumiere Photography

Had our first family outdoor shoot on 13 January by Lumiere Photography with the voucher I bought from Groupon for only $15! 
We topped up another $65 to get back all our raw photos and had more of our photos edited instead of only getting 5 edited photos back :)

I'm really satisfied with the pictures but the photoshoot was so tiring! Chose Lower pierce reservoir as our shoot location and it was so sunny and hot that day that I'm literally melting.
And because of the weather, Clovine could not really cooperate with us and it made her really cranky. Thank god the weather started to cool down with some gloomy clouds and we were able to get more shots before it rained after our shoot.
Lucky us ;)

Below are all the edited ones I received from our photographer Joey.

Quite awkward at the beginning cos we've never done this kind of outdoor shoot before other than our wedding shoot. Hahaha.
Awkward as in we're requested to just walk and pretend the photographer is not there and thats quite hard to ignore you know? Lol.

Some edits were quite heavily edited.
But I'm really satisfied with most of the edited ones especially some which are so with feel!

Point here...

Point there... 
Lol that made Hubby quite uncomfortable which I can totally tell. 

Sun making Clovine tired too and cranky.

Point again... Lol.

Awwww this is so cute!

Clovine! Why that face?! -.-

Edits like these are so filled with feelings.

One of my faves! Was telling Hubby how attractive he looked in this. 

Ahhhh another fave!!! 
Why so adorable??? :DDDD

And there were unglam ones too.

HAHAHA Too funny.

Fave too!

Us looking as floral fairies. 
Okay well thats what I assume we are. Hahaha.
Anyway the headbands were handmade by me a day before the shoot!
Very glad with the end product! Hehehehe.


This is the part where Clovine started picking up flowers on the floor!
Extra props thanks to Clovine! Hahaha.

Hehehe so cute!

My fave again! 
Amazed at how natural the photos turn out even thought we weren't exactly that natural.
Lol. But well this made me realise how I look with my side view. Lol.

Different kinds of angle is another thing I'm impressed :)

Clovine's fave jumping way!

Below are some raw photos which I edited on my own using Photoscape program.

 Re-edit this photo and I prefer the softer tone then the more contrasting one on top that my photographer edited.

 Edited this raw one which is not edited by my photographer.
So nice right?

So that's all for our first family outdoor shoot!
Really wanna thank our photographer Joey and Lumiere Photography for the Groupon promotion!
Do check out Lumiere Photography's website and Facebook too!

Which is your favourite shot? :)