Thursday, May 23, 2013

River Safari!

River Safari on April 7, Sunday which was a month ago!
Decided to post our trip to River Safari first since it's newly opened and I hope my blog would be of help to some whose planning to visit soon!
There are like 300 photos that's why it took me some time to edit and collage some together.

Anyway, the place is not fully opened yet and it will officially be opened end of 2013 which consists of the boat ride.
Most of the animals there are like those water creatures except for the pandas.
Somehow I misread the map and thought most of the animals are there except for the boat ride but I was wrong cos the boat ride actually consist of those land animals which is still not there ;(
So we're definitely heading back for a second time!

Sleepy heads refusing to get up even when I'm done preparing!

Yay we're there! 10-15 mins car ride from Yishun!

Happy yet grumpy that we have to queue for the tickets.
But the queue was quite fast when we reached around 10am.

Time slots for the Panda exhibit.
I suggest that you choose the timing one hour later from the time you bought the tickets.
We chose ours at 12.40pm but we reached the exhibit at 11am so we had no choice but to linger around the area till it was the timing near our time slot.
Lucky we were allowed to enter the one at 12pm.

Yay we're off to the river safari after purchasing the tickets from the usual tickets booth at the zoo entrance!

Picture with the "Kai kai and Jia jia"

Walk through this room and we're off to the Rivers of the world!

It's called River Safari because it features all the famous river in the world and the place is structured to be like a river where it is like one round from the entrance to the exit.

First stop, Beaver!

Looking for the beaver which was no where to be found -.-

"Come, come follow me! I'll be your tour guide for the day!"

"This is a dinosaur look alike tortise!"

"This is the alligator gar!"

Funny looking weird mouth fish. The tip of its mouth looks rotten ;/

It's the crocodiles! I feel its still on its way to being fatter and more gigantic.
Huge but a little too skinny. Lol.

But it really feels like dinosaur!

"I'm not really sure if this is real." Our tour guide getting a little confused. Hahaha.

"Maybe I can try pushing it!"

"Again? Is this real or the other is real?!"

This is the fish that produces the delicious caviar! Those black fish roes that some mask uses!

"I can do gwiyomi!"

Settled our lunch at the Mama panda's kitchen!
Must go for their panda cuteness overload food even though the food is mehhhhh.

My very cheeky girl!

Kiss kiss for panda chair!

The menu! $13.90 for a set meal, quite reasonable.

Set meal comes with mango pudding! The cup is so cute I washed and bought it home!

Souvenir cup with soft drinks at only $3.90!
The souvenir cup is hard plastic and it is so cute!!!!

Chicken ramen set meal with side and mango pudding for $13.90!
Reasonable hor?

Last but not least, the panda bun that everyone is raving about for it ultra cuteness!!!!
I'm sure nobody can resist from spamming pictures of it!
$2.90 for one.
$11.90 for four.


Panda chairs that kids and maybe adults can't resist!

To hubby most food sold outside are not awesome. Oh well that's his work sickness since his a chef.

Agree that the cartoon version pandas are so cute! All merchandises are too cute!!!

Oooops I dissected a panda and its bean paste in it!

River safari's map. The whole of the top right side is the one that's not ready so yah that's a lot of animals!

Super swag baby!
Got supermodel potential? More like drama queen to me. Hahaha.

Cat walk time!

Why so cheeky one?! LOL.

Finally going in to see the main leads of River safari!!!!!

Welcome to China!

First stop, My favourite!!! The Red Panda!!!!
Do you remember those endangered species posters at mrt stations long long time ago?
Red panda is one of them and I've always loved that poster!
Now I finally get to see him in person! OMG SO ADORABLE! Got the urge to squeeze its tail!

Another one! So fat and fluffy!!!

What pandas eat! Like a healthy only but they're still so fat!

Kaikai and Jiajia's biography. Lol.

Only family picture of that day with the fake pandas!

The first panda we saw should be kaikai I think. They do not stay in the same enclosure. 
Maybe still underage? Lol.
Anyway Kaikai (I assume) just can't stop munching! Look at how he really enjoy life!

"Hi! Life's good as a FT!" LOLLOL!

Hehe this picture is so cute! Clovine looks kinda scared but she's so happy to see the pandas in real!

Too much carbs I supposed O.O

And this is Jiajia (I assume) just can't stay still cos she can't stop walking around her enclosure.

"Show you my dirty butt!"

Hehe kinda love this picture! 

Photobooth for people to take pics then they will add in the panda frame. LOL

So the pandas in singapore don't just love bamboo, they also love their own buns! LOLLOL

Next stop is the aquarium! What's best is that it's air conditioned! 
Then we had time to fooled around cos Clovine fell asleep after the pandas!

Here's a whole aquarium of manatees also know as sea cows!
At least 10 of them!

The top of the manatees aquarium! Yes those are cabbages they feed on!

You lai act cool liao...

Dip in the stingray pool anyone?

Empty enclosure with no otters in sight.

Since Clovine is still asleep, we decided to walk another round all over again!

Finally get to see the beaver! Didn't see it during our first round!
So I suggest people if you're there, stay for awhile at one exibit before going on the next one or if you have time, you can go another round!
Always get to see different things the second time!

First time seeing a beaver and it looks so funny! Can even see it upclose when it swims by!
Look at its teeth and how it places its hands and legs when it swim!
At first I thought there's no beavers but on our second round, we saw two!

Didn't get to take some pictures on our first round so yay second round is good!
But of cos we won't get to see the pandas again cos one can only stay in there for 15 mins :(

Purposely hanged around till Clovine is awake so she can see the huge aquarium with the manatees!
This is how Hubby always comes out with creative stuffs to play with Clovine!

Snacking while enjoying the view of the huge aquarium!

So fat! Feel like poking it with a needle to see if it'll burst or oil would flow out. LOL.

We didn't get to see the otters on our first round and now there's two!!!

Making sure that Daddy pays for her souvenir by putting it at the cashier. 

See how auntie she is with her new panda handbag! 
But why that grumpy face? Lol.

Panda slushy drink bottle at $7.90! Shiok on a hot weather!

Finally finished blogging about our trip to the River Safari! The place is better than zoo because it's sheltered!
Must go back after it's completed!
Hope the post is informative and not too long for you readers!