Sunday, June 9, 2013

Clovine's little talent (Singing)

Clovine has a few small talents and one of them is singing!
She has this super soft and sweet voice when singing which is totally different from when she's crying ;/
May not be a talent to people out there, but hearing her sing just melts our hearts cos its too sweeeet!
She's always singing on her own since 1 year old or younger even though we can't really figure out what's she's singing back then. Lol.

I downloaded this app "Best Kids Songs & Stories" by Pink Fong and Clovine has been listening since a few months old I think. Now she has memorised all the songs in there which I bought and she could even follow the actions!
Not forgetting she's always asking us audience to clap along to her or sing with her and applause when she ends... Really enjoys having an audience and performing!
Anyway, this app is really good for kids cos its really colourful, teaches the kids songs well and really attracts the kid's attention! Now it also has stories!

Well Clovine really loves performing alot...

Here's a video of her singing Abc song, London bridge and I Love you from barney!
Do turn your volume to the maximum cos like I said she's really soft :/
Taken on April 9.

 "AHH! A paparazzi again!!!"

 "Fake smile for you then. Entertaining enough?"

"Or you prefer a serious face?"

I hope Clovine's voice did make you meltzzzz too! Hehehe.

Lots and lots of drafts left in my blogger account but I really don't have alot of time to complete them!
Shall try to get my blog updated more often again!
Some post includes,
- Bangkok trip
- Tim Ho Wan
- Mother's day
- SEA Aquarium (Which we just visited today!)
and maybe a post which many readers might be interested in,
- How Hubby and I coped ever since we found out I was pregnant till now.

Till then~