Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bangkok (10-12 March'13)

Finally posting bout our trip to Bangkok in March!
Anyway its actually the first trip my mum and I went on alone! No guys to stop us or grumble at us for shopping too much!
Mummy sponsored the trip and hubby sponsored me the shopping money!
Yay lucky me! P.S This is also my first trip to Bangkok!

Had hubby sending us to the airport at 6am!
(Yeah that was when I just had my bangs and I know I look super toot! :/)

Morning flight on Singapore Airlines! 
Hokkien Mee that my mum chose. Such heavy breakfast definitely isn't my choice!

So this is the one I chose! But isn't as yummy as how it looks :(

Caught the movie Hotel Transylvania! Too funny not to catch!

After 2.5 hours, we're here~

Headed straight to the sim card booth to get my broadband sim!

Dtac has the best and most affordable package for tourist! 299baht unlimited for a week!
Appox. SGD10 only!

Took the MTR to our hotel.

Hotel for the trip was at Baiyoke sky hotel tallest hotel in bangkok!
5-10 mins walk from the MTR station only! 

And the room is super big and spacious!!! Too big for a normal room with only 2 people!
If you're going as a group, I think one room enough already cos can just lay blankets on the floor and sleep!
What's best is the view! Our room was on the 46th storey!

Chewy snack from the convenience just at the hotel lobby!

After settling down, its time for shopping! First stop is the market just below the hotel!
Basically the hotel is best for 24 hours shopping! Let me tell you bout the schedule!
2am-10am is the morning market just below our hotel.
10am-8pm is shopping at Platinum mall and the streets on the way to the mall.
Afterwards is back to the market below the hotel which is opened in the night same place as the morning market but different vendors!

But of course we weren't that crazy for 24 hours shopping. But believe it or not we woke at 6am and we're out at 7am for shopping till 11pm! Lol!

Platinum mall just 10 mins walk from the hotel! This one really can shop whole day!
6 storeys of shopping!

Food court just on the last floor of Platinum mall!
Lots of local delights there!

Tempting but I just can't eat it when I think of the calories I'll be getting! :/

Waffles my favourite!

Sticky rice!

Mummy bought the durian one which is so damn extremely sweet! Anyway its my first time trying but too sweet for me till I feel like puking! Maybe less milk would be better.

Beef bee hoon! Love this and the bee hoon are chewy unlike the ones we eat in SG.

When platinum mall closes at 8pm, you can still continue shopping outside the mall!
They sell lots of interesting and unique stuffs!

Mcdonalds for dinner and the fillet O fish packaging is the one we have years ago!

Back to the hotel and we went up to the highest level for night view! Free for all hotel guests!

Ahahaha wind too big ahhhhhhh.

If you see clearly, all roads are jammed with cars! Gosh can't imagine how they drive like that! :///

4 months ago I'm still quite chubby uhhhhh.

Loots for day 1!

Day 2
OOTD for day 2. Simple and casual.

Mcdonald's for breakfast! Love this pie that has eggs filled in it! Why SG no have?!
So yums lehhhhh!

Took the free shuttle bus from our hotel to Siam centre on day 2! It was so empty O.o
All the brands are there and not forgetting Naraya is also there! Super cheap and good quality bags!
We spent so much there :/

And MBK is just right opposite Siam. But MBK is a waste of time to me. 
All fake branded and antiques and so old -.-"

Checked out this man on the streets who used the recycled materials as musical instruments!
How cool is that?

Orange juice! I love stuffs that are put in glass bottles!
Always have the urge to wash and bring the glass bottles home just like the pudding from Paris baguette!
Hahaha I'm a glass bottle collector!

Back to Platinum mall and had dinner at swensen's. We didn't know they don't serve main meals in Bangkok so we just had desserts for dinner. Lol.
This sticky rice with mango ice cream dessert is surprisingly good despite the weird combination!
So glad we tried it and it also made us real fulllllll.

And also my fave waffles! Banana, Chocolate and waffles never goes wrong!

The stores outside the platinum mall which I was talking about opens only in the evening.
Must walk and you'll find unique stuffs!
You will even see all the handmade stuffs they make on the spot which is really impressive!

Our loots for day 2!

Day 3, last day.

OOTD from Swivelle. Love this super sweet floral dress! 
So glad I managed to grab a piece!

Took a cab to the Chinatown. a really huge place with different different sections for different things!
Too bad we didn't have the time and energy to finish the whole place so we missed out quite alot of good bargains for accessories :(
Carrot cake stall.

It's as yummy as it looks! Though its a tad too oily but I really can't resist finishing the whole packet!

Took a cab back to Platinum mall for some last min shopping again. Yes we went there for 3 consecutive days! LOL.
Crepes are a must try in Bangkok! Chocolate with banana are my faves!

So mouth watering and I'm really craving for it now!
So huge and cheap! D;

At the Airport after 3 long days of non-stop shopping, it's really energy draining :X

A photo with mummy before heading back!
Gonna miss Bangkok! :(

Yummy dinner on the flight and I caught Twilight breaking dawn part 2 again! Lol.

I really love how talented I am at packing suitcases cos I always manage to stuff lots of things in! 
Still remember during camps my bag is always the flat-est and neatest!

Check out our total loots!!!! Really amazed at my luggage packing skills! Lol.
Somehow I still think I didn't shop enough! 
Can't wait for my next trip overseas! I'm so gonna shop till I'm so broke! LOL.

The clothes I bought for Clovine, Hubby and Myself.

And see I found two matching mummy and baby wear!!!
Already wore the crop top one with Clovine already and it was so cute!!!!
Wanna see?

So adorable right?!?! 
Hehehehehe :D

Hubby's loots.

The accessories.... Really didn't shop enough cos I only spent $300 in total :(
and we did not went Chatuchak and the place with the merry go round....
Can't wait to go back again!

My favourite snack that mummy always buys when she goes Bangkok!

Another of my yummy favourite snack too!

Overall it was a really nice shopping trip with mummy with just basically shopping!
Can't wait to go Bangkok again after my first trip with mummy!
Hehe but gonna save for another trip next year to go to with my family first!