Friday, July 5, 2013

Mother's Day '13

An outdated post: Mother's day, 11 May '13

Hubby cooked lunch on Mother's day which is quite rare nowadays because he's too busy with work to cook us meals.
So yay we've got delicious food on that day!

Chef Nic at work~

ABC soup.

And crabs!!!!

While Hubby is busy in the kitchen, this girl is busy making a mess in the living room!

HAHAHAHA Fatty chef *censored*

First dish, Hot plate beancurd!

Dishes in the making...

Not exaggerating but I really feel this is the best Chilli crab I've ever had!!!
Super love the sauce!!! 
Now I'm craving for it already :((((

Even Clovine enjoys her meal! :)

Every year, my father side's relatives would celebrate Mother's day at my grandma's place!

Mother's day cake fore this year!

My mum and Cheeky Clovine!

Cannot sit still~

Pandan cake from Bengawan Solo which I don't eat.
Normally we'll have durian cake but why this this year? :(((

The great mummies and kids :)

Clovine sees the cake and sang Happy birthday. Lol.
Recently she has been singing the birthday song to herself which is quite poor thing because her birthday is in December! Still a long way to go and since she has been celebrating birthdays in school, I guess she can't wait for her turn too!
when she sings the birthday song, she will go "Happy birthday to Clovine~, Happy birthday to you" then continue on to the chinese version. 
Sometimes she will even wish two at a go "Happy birthday to papa, happy birthday mummy..."

My playful baby~

What Hubby does to me... 

My gu lin jing always doing weird actions to make us laugh.

"She who makes me a mother." :')

And ending the post with my selfie that day :)

#ootd Comfy Knit top from HollyHoque.