Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tim Ho Wan (Review)

Tried the newly opened cheapest Michelin star dim sum restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, few months back!
Queued for about an hour before we get eat the famous dim sum! Its was not a 3 hours queue as it was like 1-2 months since it opened in April'13 at Plaza Singapura.

*Yeah... finally I'm back to blogging. It's been some time since I was actively updating my blog so most probably gonna update all the backdated ones first before I start on the recent happenings. Sorry :// *

First dish up is the Fried carrot cake! Too nice, must try!

Next up is the famous and definitely must try, Baked bun with BBQ Pork!

Omg look at the inside!!! Super love the soft, abit chewy and abit crispy skin of the bun!
Too yums alrdy! Too bad one person can only order 3 buns :(

Chinese sausage chicken rice which so so to me. Prefer the one from Dragon-I more!

Har kao which is not usually my fave dim sum.

Char siew Vermicelli roll which is something I don't eat cos its vermicelli roll. 

Glutinous leaf rice.

Fried  roll.

And more pork buns!

Ooopps... Salivating alrdy?

Spring roll.

Dining with a cranky Clovine who just woke up from her nap is not a good thing...

Always clinging on to daddy like a koala bear.
And yes she is more sticky to her daddy and never really sticks to me :(((
Well its a good and bad thing.
Good is I'm more relaxed when we're out, bad is I lost to hubby!

The steam cake which they recommend but nah its not my taste of food cos I'm a picky eater!

Lastly, its siew mai!

Ending off with Clovine enjoying her Hokkaido Ice cream!

Definitely can't wait till Sunday because I'll be flying of to Hongkong with Geraldine!!!
Can't wait for all the shopping, can't wait for all the good food and of cos Tim ho wan, the super authentic one in hongkong.
Yay yay yay! Am gonna update this space within this two days during work before I fly off at 6.30am on Sunday morning! Can't wait!!!!