Monday, January 27, 2014

SEA Aquarium 9 june

Finally able to finish the draft which I've made months back!
Will try to put up the posts I've missed which are mostly places we've been to late last year.
Hopefully I'll be able to finish all of the posts in a month! :/


Family outing to SEA Aquarium sometime back in June. Finally made time to blog!
Bad time we chose to go because it was the school holidays and it was extremely crowded on a sunday with tourists!
Gosh waited for like an hour plus outside and another 2 hours inside the museum to get into the Aquarium!

Normally we don't take the train in and out of Sentosa nor drive in, we always take the long travelator walk linking between Vivocity first floor and RWS. It's not really hot as it's sheltered all the way and it can be quite breezy as while with nice scenery to see. Plus we don't really have to walk cos it's travelator all the way! It obviously better than taking the train cos you get to avoid the crowds and pay less! Pay only $1 to get in if you walk!

Happy Clovine with Daddy! This was when she's still on her pacifier! 
Managed to finally get rid of this bad habit think in August.
How? By persuading her every single day before sleeping that she's a big girl and how she doesn't look pretty with it and how it makes her tooth filled with worms. 
Lol. Well wasn't easy cos for the first week she managed to sleep without pacifier but always wakes up crying for it and its her comfort tool.
Glad she's finally off it cos she bit through too many newly bought pacifiers already ;/

The whole stretch of travelator.

All her cheeky faces while queuing for the tickets. Queue for an hour that time and 2 hours plus to get in! But now the crowd is so much lesser already. 

 Ice cream time while waiting in the queue to get in!

Clovine is really hubby's girlfriend -.-

We thought after queuing for 1 hour we finally get to get in but the first stop is the maritime museum.
When we walked to the end of the museum, there's another long long queue to get into the aquarium!
Queued for at least 1 and a half hours!

 Finally reaching the entrance after hours of queue! Queue till Clovine also fall asleep!

Another queue in the Aquarium to touch the starfishes.

 Blur faces together.

And finally we're here at the main attraction! The largest aquarium with the smallest fishes. Lol.
I guess you have to go back again after a few years to see the fishes grow bigger!
Even the stingray is not as big as the posters in real.

 Love this picture which is like captured the child like smiles.

Clovine photobombed me! Lol.

After the visit to the aquarium, Clovine was so happy that she kept singing the song "All the fishes, swimming in the water" all the way while walking back to vivo!

 Her and Daddy's trademark fake smile.

When you're happy, you dance!

 Singing and skipping all the way. Fishes does make her happy!

But suddenly she sees this pole and decided that she's gonna hug it and ....

Climb it!!!!
LOLLOL why she so monkey one?!