Monday, February 17, 2014

Clovine's 3rd Birthday Part 1: Universal Studios Singapore

Brought Clovine to the Universal Studio for her 3rd birthday last year on 1 December 2013!
Booked a 2D1N package from RWS which include two USS adult tickets and stay at festive hotel for around $400+ only. And it was the Family suite one which is extra big with a bunk bed! More on the hotel later on~

Thankful that the weather was quite good that day with breeze a little bit of sunlight with only some short drizzling at some parts of the day.

First stop was the Madagascar part and we went on the merry go round!

After the ride there was a photo session with the penguins of Madagascar! As it was starting to drizzle they move the session to the cafe instead.

As we're early, there wasn't much people in queue but they are the only characters we took picture with! Lol.

Second ride was the Madagascar boat ride and Clovine definitely did not enjoy the ride!
It was so dark inside with occasional loud noises from the characters inside it made the whole place looked very scary! Clovine kept pointing to the exit saying she wants to get out but obviously we can't so she just hugged her daddy really really tight till the ride ends. Not Child friendly ;(

 Happily snacking on popcorn before the terror ride not knowing what's in store for her. Lol.

Then we decided to go for the third ride which is actually just the shrek movie. Queued and finally got into the waiting area before the show starts and then history repeats again....
The place was dark and a little eerie to her i guess so she kept saying she wants go out and keep pointing at the exit. We got no choice but to head out after queuing for 10 mins! -.-""""

 Then there's this baby dino meet and greet session and I really find it very amazing! 
It's like super duper real and it can like react to what the person is saying.
Cannot really tell if there's someone inside or by remote control!
Clovine kept staring at it till when its photo taking she wouldn't even look at the camera. Lol.
Btw, Clovine is a big fan of Dinosaurs and dragons! The uglier it is, the more she likes it! 
She has like a whole bunch of ugly dinosaur and insect figurines and watches Jurassic park not dinosaur train -.-"""""""""

Next we went for the live camera action show which shows all the real life action with movie effects live!

 Always don't like to cooperate with me to take pictures. Just like the daddy! TSK!

 See! Very difficult to take with them one! One looks another looks away!!!! #####

Selfies while waiting for the show to start! Love selfies outdoors as lighting is always great!!

 The show is really very cool with all the sound effects and real like fire and stunts plus the only actress is super hot!

 But then comes the gun shots and extremely loud sound effects and Clovine decides to leave again!
There they are standing outside where the sound is softer. Lol.

Out we came moments before the show ended and here is she happily skipping again. 

Time for souvenirs!
Every single time we head to places, Clovine always ends up with souvenirs!

Then we waited for the sesame street characters to come out for some christmas songs singing show!

Cookie monster is so poofy I wanna give him a big hug!!!

So sad theres no elmo! :(

Recent bad habit of biting nails. Can I really put chilli on her fingers? 
She's been biting till the nails look so bad!

Aww my fave picture of Clovine that day!
She said she wanted to take a picture alone with Cookie monster!!! When its her turn I though she might just ask me to carry her over but she just walked over slowly and into Cookie Monster's arm!!!
So so proud of my little girl! 

But the second she gave up the idea of taking alone when it's her turn. Lol. 
Probably this is not so poofy like cookie monster!

Afterwards we went to the Malaysian Foodcourt for lunch! So many nice and affordable food there!
Love love this chicken rice balls set meal from Malacca famous chicken ball rice!
So yum s especially the sauce and the bite size rice balls! I seriously would love to try the one in Malacca because I'm sure it would taste really really good!
$4/$5 a set.

Hubby's noodles which he says it's not bad.

Love the pastries from the pastry shop also in the foodcourt! 

Time for a nap with her new souvenir friend cookie monster!
Well it's currently in her abandoned area for all her soft toys, her bed.

Forever sleepy face but I still like this picture because I think I look good. LOL

Then we found a spot by the side while waiting for the parade to start. 
So hubby took his power nap which can happen anytime, anywhere.

Then the parade started! But why no sesame street characters? I Feel they are the cutest characters in the whole theme park!

Lol unglam shot and still kena photobombed by a very mean looking auntie. 
Too funny.


One touristy shot to end our day at USS! 

Well, Clovine didn't really exactly enjoyed the park. Hubby was saying how its to scare young kids and Disney is definitely more suitable! Can't wait to bring Clovine again to Disneyland which we're planning to go in August or September! :DDDD

Wait, it isn't the end of our trip because we'll be checking into festive hotel for a night stay!
Stay tuned.