Friday, February 28, 2014

Clovine's 3rd Birthday Part 2: Great Grandma House

After Universal studio, we went back to my grandma's house at braddell to let Clovine have her cake cutting session with her favourite Yiyi(s)! 
As just nice her birthday falls on a sunday and we gather every week at my grandma's house, we were able to help her celebrate!

 This year it's 2KG Nemo Ice cream cake from Swensens!
One of Clovine's favourite character! She initially wanted a shrek one when I asked her to choose from the catalogue -.-"""""""

 Family Photo :)

 And then we had another daughter. Lol.
That's Clovine's fave yiyi cum Nanny cos she takes so good care of her by feeding her meals and comb her hair!
Clovine is so spoilt even by her small yiyi that recently she insisted on her yiyis to pick up a shoe she dropped!

My Youngest cousins and her youngest yiyi(s)!
So glad they could mix around still and Clovine has my young cousins to play with!

 Sing and sing till very high!

 She doesn't blows candles with a pouty mouth but a flat mouth. Lol

 The main lead of the day still not done singing Happy birthday songs after the first time.
All her yiyi(s) eye on the cake till salivate liao lor.

Ahhh finally can eat! Snatch chocolate at the side first! 

 The cake was seriously super duper hard and the cake's thickness made it worst!

 Their ice cream cake so worth!!! Very very thick and big portion even 20 of use can't finish it.
It's $52/kg and because we have swensen's member which is under Hubby's name who is also born in december, we are entitled 20% discount of ice cream cakes!

Just have to spend minimum $50 to register for Swensen's member at any Swensens!

Stay tune on the next post as we went back to RWS to checked in our hotel!