Friday, March 28, 2014

Clovine's 3rd Birthday Part 3: Staycation at Festive Hotel & Sea Aquarium

1 December 2013
After celebration at Clovine's great Grandma house! 
Headed back to RWS to check into our Hotel which is Festive Hotel for a 2D1N staycation! Then we took the skytrain over to vivocity to get some stuffs.

It was christmas season at that time!

Our Family suite room for the night! Have I mentioned that it comes with a bunk bed?!

Clovine sure knows how to enjoy life! But I swear the bed is mad comfy!

Time for a bath! LOLLOL

2 December 2013,
Went down for breakfast but we missed the free breakfast buffet because we were like 5 mins late -.-

Did some exploring after breakfast before we head back to the hotel and prepare for checked out.

She's not saying hi to the camera but she's saying no I don't want take picture!
Same pattern like her daddy both camera shy forever when I love taking pictures forever.

Our balcony by the pool! Planned to go for a swim at hardrock's pool but it was raining. So wasted!

Our room that's forever messy thanks to a messy toddler or rather mummy. Haha.

Yes this is the bunk bed!!! Clovine insisted on sleeping at the top alone at first but of cos we said no cos she might fall over or something!

Our staycations always makes us look shag.

Yay to bunk beds! 
Too bad it was blurry. Pictures always end up a blur when your photographer is my husband. 

Wanted a family photo but this Clovine keeps going down down down and gone.
Even Hubby is like going down down down and gone cos he keep tilting the camera down down down. 

Up alone refusing to come down nor let us up!

Then we headed to the Sea Aquarium since the day is gonna be rainy which ruined our outdoor activities like the luge ride we were planing to go :(

Needs not much introduction since I've blogged about our trip here before which is like 2 posts back only.

Dreamy shoot with a not so right smile which she tends to show more often now and I swear it looks like her daddy's ALOT.

Jellyfishes are amazing creatures which can make you stare at them for a really really long time.
No doubt it's also one of Clovine's fave animals since she don't go for the looks and her taste is urm just different from the other girls. Lol.

Different different types of jellyfishes that keeps your eyes glued to the tank!

Clovine can stay at the jelly fish section for at least half an hour just running to and fro different species of jellyfishes!

Lol at our kinds of Clovine's unglam shots!

Nemo fishes which is every kids favourite!

Staring at the tanks again. Can see she really loves Underwater creatures!

Ahahaha another shot of unglam! 

This picture looks so cute like Clovine is being quashed. Hahaha.

With the jacket, she looks like some lost sheep!

Looks like someone managed to cheat her daddy into getting a souvenir AGAIN.
Now she has like 5 turtle soft toys!

Having some alone time with her new buddy! 

Finally a family photo together but with an unwilling party again.

Jump for the candies!

I've been staring more and more at her eyes wondering why sometimes she has perfect double eyelids while sometimes she has inner double eyelids like her daddy.
But when the double eyelids comes out to play her eyes are so big and round! 
Hope double eyelids will stay for good!

And here's our 小公主 having her 公主病 moment because there's water in her shoes which she will whine and whine until we do something to it. 
So only daddy can tahan when she has her 公主病 relapse!

This is the end of our specially planned weekend to celebrate Clovine's 3rd birthday which was on 1 December 2013. Really hope she did enjoyed herself and well i think kids are really lucky in this century as in our time we would probably get a cake and that's all. 

Next post would be the last part of Clovine's 3rd Birthday post which is a celebration held at her school.
Can't wait to start posting on my 21st, Clovine's first haircut and my recent trip to KL with the girlfriends and much more!

If you're looking for my previous trip to the Sea Aquarium, click HERE. It's more detailed than this one :)