Saturday, April 19, 2014

Christmas 2013

Haha I know the posts I've been posting are so so overdue but well I'm trying to update all the missing stuffs that has been happening so that I can look back at my blog years later and well it really does feels good looking back old posts years later.

24 December 2013,
Met the lovelies for Christmas dinner last Christmas eve for Indonesian food at Indobox located at ION Orchard! The food was great and affordable especially the Pomfret set which I super love and cost only like $12++ with Tahu Goreng which is super appetising and rice. 

 With the lovelies for the day. Well these are my close friends whose been with me for around 8-10 years!

I'm playing santa this year! 
Feels really good playing santa this year because I bought presents for my love ones with my own hard earn money for the first time!
Well previous years, the money for christmas presents were all sponsored by hubby! Lol.

 A giraffe warmer for Yeexin, 
a travel purse for Yanntorng,
a fruit ice cream maker for Geraldine 
and a pair of palladium boots for Chenxiang from us girls!

Any idea why all four of us are holding $1 coins? 
Because shoes are not supposed to be given as gifts, we demanded $1 each from Chenxiang!

25 December 2013,
On Christmas morning, Clovine received presents from Santa mummy!

Her twists are always in like awkward positions. Lol.

But why that fake smile?! Why learn from daddy?!

"Yay I've got new Lego box!" Very emotionlessly lol.

Because it's Christmas and Hubby is not working, we get to enjoy Christmas dinner by Chef Nic!

There's Chef Nic's signature Chilli Crab, a turkey hubby's boss gave, simple yet awesomely smooth and delicious mashed potato and cereal prawns!

Well what's a meal without our cameras "eating" first!

Its's a turkey stuffed with chicken stuffings.

Clovine's twists sure are awkward poses!

29 December 2014,
That Christmas weekend, we went for the last Doraemon show at Downtown east!
This Clovine looked exactly like an auntie that day with her long dress and beaded necklace. LOL

Clovine always disturb only.

Clovine's smile is really sweet here!

Double twist has become her signature pose.

Failed family picture every single time. Why Clovine and hubby cannot be more cooperative?!

Doraemon's mascot is really cute!!! It's like a tiny guy is in it. Wonder if its a kid since its so short!

Went on the train for the second time but it's me accompanying Clovine this time because Hubby finds the ride too boring so he tries to push me to it. Lol.
Yay managed to squeeze into the cart! Perks of being small sized! 

Went over to city square after that and there was a small fun fair outside!

Happy Clovine on the carousel! 
So proud of her that she's brave enough to go on the ride alone! 
Looking at her doing things alone just made me feel how fast she's growing up!