Thursday, April 3, 2014

Clovine's 3rd Birthday Part 4: Celebration in School

29 December 2013,
Clovine had her first mini advanced celebration in school!  

 All the goodies that's meant to be packed in the goodie bags for the kids!

 And I added something special in the bag!

They're actually finger puppets which I ordered from Qoo10! 

 30 plus bags all done with hubby's help.

 Ever since young I love it when it's my birthday and I get to pack goodies bag with my mum and also always
look forward when my classmates give out goodie bags on their birthday!
So I'v been looking forward to helping Clovine pack goodies bags for her classmate since she started school!

A 2KG dinosaur cake from Bengawan Solo! 
Have been looking for a dinosaur cake from cake shops and found this cute on from Bengawan Solo!
I think it cost around $80 for 2kg.

When we arrived, all the kids have already sat down waiting for the cake cutting session to begin. 
Then Clovine was the special one sitting alone right in front of her classmates looking really stun upon seeing us! 
Well I guess she's really surprised till she has no emotion on her face or maybe its because she just woke up from her nap and teacher had to suddenly put her in a special seat! Lol.

 This is her stun face plus a little angry face throughout the whole cake cutting session!

 A family photo with Clovine still looking stun!
Must be thinking what's with the cake and is that a dinosaur I asked for? or actually it looks like a hippo?
Well many was wondering what animal it was after I posted this picture on my Instagram and FB.
LOL Don't look like dino meh? It's just a cuter version what!

Then throughout the whole birthday song, Clovine's face was still emotionless. LOL

At least she had a cute face whilte blowing the candles while remaining emotionless.

 Cake cutting and still staring....

 Clovine's classmates were so cute! They ate up their first slice very quickly and then came back for a second slice! Some even tried their luck of having a third slice and some just poke their fingers into the cream and lick it off! Lol.

Still having the suspicious look and staring. Well maybe she's angry why teacher cut her Dinosaur up!

Time for giving out all the goodies bags to her classmates!

 She's still in her emotionless state...

She's even giving the bags out without looking at the other party. Lol
How cold....

 Lol one giving without looking, one receiving without looking. 

 "Now do you dare to ask for a goodies bag from me?"

The whole process was so emotionless by Clovine but right after we left school she seemed to have suddenly snapped out of her daydream and started asking me where's her dinosaur cake and talked and asked non stop! Lol. 
I think her reaction abit too slow already hor? Hahahaha.