Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm 21 Part 1: Surprise Yacht Party

 09 February 2014,

Days before that day, Geraldine suddenly asked if I was free to go for dinner with Chen Xiang and Yiling and take it as my advanced birthday celebration. So of cos I didn't suspect a thing as I'm normally not available on my birthday and my friends all have their dates since its valentine's day. Geraldine asked if I had any place I wanna go for dinner and I said Prive since I've always been looking forward to having my wagyu burger after my first visit and well I didn't know there's something more installed for me! And wow they sure know I'll say let's go Prive! 

The day before, Hubby came home with a big bag of food which he ordered from his supplier. I did not suspect anything because I was telling hubby my friends would come over for gambling and supper after we come back from prive! But I started questioning him when I saw most of the food were like for BBQ session and I was like confirmed you going plan BBQ or something but he keeps denying. So ok I know there'll be BBQ but just don't know when!

On that day, Hubby said  he was not feeling well and didn't want to go with the temple with my parents and Clovine to pai tai sui. That made me really suspicious cos hubby would never be too sick to go out since he can report for work with fever! So while we were out, Hubby prepared the curry, the noodles and etc. at home for the party that I didn't know of! Yeah and we were only gone for like a hour plus! Hubby sure was fast! 

Stupid me came home and didn't even realise there was extra food even when I smelled curry because the indian family below us cooks curry frequently!  This Geraldine also lied to me saying she'll be meeting me early in yishun because she's home visiting in yishun so she rushed me out of the house! But truth is Hubby needed more time to prepare for the party.

Honestly throughout the whole afternoon, I had NO idea what was going to happen cos all I expected and looked forward to was having my fave Wagyu burger from Prive as I've been craving for it for the longest time and I still have not gone for it even till today! 

Their whole plan was going really well as how they had planned with Hubby until.... I saw a car which looks exactly like my family's car and wow so alike it had the same number plate too! LOL. The first thing I said was "WTF is Nic doing here?!?!?!" The next moment my friends were like scolding how stupid Nic is to park the car near the lift and then they immediately took out an ugly cloth to blindfold me. "WHY NIC SO STUPID?!?!?!" LOLLOL.

So yea I was blindfolded and led on by my friends in darkness. They even made me listen to loud music using a earphone so I'm totally blinded and deaf!!! I swear the feeling of being blind and deaf and not knowing what was happening was so scary! I don't know how many fuck I scolded while I was being led on and fyi I was in heels! I WAS SO NERVOUS! 

Here's a picture of me being blindfolded with an ugly cloth which they eventually took down for pretty picture purposes. Lol.
There's my mum there which I totally didn't even expect my parents to be there!
All along I only thought there was only the few I met that afternoon plus hubby!

Even though I was not blindfolded anymore, I was a good girl and kept my eyes extremely tight~

See they were even camwhoring while I was in FEAR. 
See the fear on my face?!

While I was blindfolded my mind was thinking of all sorts of surprises that hubby had come up with. I was thinking if he has booked the cafe or organised a party for me. Lol I know how glutton I was to be still thinking I was so gonna have my long waited Prive Wagyu Burger! 

Well never had I thought that Hubby has actually booked a Yacht and invited my friends months before my birthday! I never thought hubby would actually know how to book a yacht! LOL. I never thought my surprise would come early because I was expecting my surprise from hubby to be a taiwan trip because I've caught him browsing through hotels in taiwan! He said that was his plan A but because Hubby was not able to take leave, yacht party was his plan B. BUT Hubby said he'll owe me plan A and give it to me in July!!! I'm so EXCITED!!!!

Back to the surprise! Before I stepped onto the yacht, they asked me to remove my heels. When I was led onto the yacht, I stepped on like a plastic wet floor and had this "floating" feeling and immediately I shouted "Why are we on a boat?!"

They led me up the stairs, sat me down on a chair. When I was told to open my eyes, I was so shocked, surprised and touched! I saw so many of them and I didn't know what to say! I think tears swelled around my eyes but it did not flow down because I was kinda upset and disappointed when Geraldine told me my other close friends weren't able to make to the "dinner" but there they were standing infront of me with my parents, hubby's colleagues that helped him with the plan and hubby carrying Clovine! 

At that moment I really feel so blessed and I can't stop smiling like an idiot.

I'm so blessed with them.

Matchy outfits! Didn't even realise what I helped her wore that day was the similar to the dress I planned to wear until we met at the yacht again!

Hubby also prepared a special huge macaron cake baked by Pastry Chef Juvena and their also sponsored the ingredients used for baking the cake!
Thank you so much!

The girls also prepared balloons for me which they use to decorate the yacht. So loved! 

Haha I don't know why I was standing either.

The lighting was so beautiful that it was hard not to have lots of photos taken!
Everyone started their photo shoot session and even couple photoshoots. Lol.
All the lovebirds too sweet le lah!!!

Yeexin and Vester's lovebirds shoot.

Followed by Chenxiang and Yiling's lovebirds shoot.

And not forgetting us girls! 
But the wind was just too big that my hair keeps messing up our look!

Loving the picture, loving the dress, loving the view!

With Geraldine baby! Thank you for helping with the surprise plan!

So natural. Credits to Yanfen.

With Yanfen and Geraldine!

The waves were so huge and the ride was so bumpy when we were going towards Lazarus island!!!! 

With my lovely girls. Thank you so much for coming and helping with the surprise!
Was really glad to see you guys when I opened my eyes, especially Yanfen and Yanntorng who weren't with me before we came and Yanntorng who lied that she had work!

We left Keppel bay at around 6pm and the sun started to set after an hour.
Great lighting does not last long.
But still we managed to get really lovely pictures! If only we were using a DSLR!
Need to start searching for one good DSLR!!!

"I have the powerrrrr!" LOLLOL.

So glad I wore this dress which I got last minute that week. The wind just makes the dress so flowy!
Dress from Pearlmilkteea
Well I have the habit of shopping for new clothings for special occasions! 
I always like planning what to wear days before I go places if not I'll just end up changing in and out of outfits if it was a last minute plan! 

After I had my "shoot" everyone took turns for theirs too!
Yanntorng having her shoot.

Geraldine having her shoot.

Yeexin having her shoot.

And its's the lovebirds turn again!

Us photobombing the lovebirds because its time for our lovebirds shoot! Lol.

See got "professional" helping us with poses one hor!

Love is being together sharing everything, from laughters to sadness.

Hehe Love you hubby! Thank you for planning such a wonderful birthday party for me!

Popping out from the rooms below!
The yacht is just too cool! There's like two rooms below and even a kitchen! 

Introducing the Chefs behind preparing the food!
Thank you guys for helping and coming!

With my mummy!

Everyone had their lovebirds shoot and my parents are no exception!
Haha so old but still so on and loving hor?!

My dress was so perfect for that day! 

So blessed, so blessed :))

Photo grabbed from my instagram @sandywxy

Yeexin was in luck that day because Clovine kept letting her carry!

Photo with yanfen! Thank you babe for coming! 
So gllad you could make it, really appreciate it!

"Pleaseeeee baby girl let us take just one picture together. Or maybe a few actually."
Have to talk terms with her for pictures as always just like her daddy!
I need a camwhore partner too!!!! D;

 Clovine clung very tightly onto her daddy when the boat was moving and she's afraid cos it was a really bumpy ride. 
But after the boat stopped moving, Clovine was back to her normal self again running around doing mischief!

Hehe my naughty cheeky daughter!
When she's smiling she's a little angel and just melts your heart but when she's crying and throwing tantrums,
she's like a little devil in disguise! Very monstrous one!

Hi Chef Nic! He may be everyone's chef but he's also my private chef when I'm hungry in the middle of the night or when I have cravings for certain hard to cook food! 

Barbecue food on a yacht! With awesome pork chops, steaks, prawns etc.! 
Life's good like that!

What's chinese new year period without gambling! 
Here's first round of gambling on a yacht! Lol what an experience.
Our rooster luck was so good that day and our god of fortune, Desmond was declared bankrupt that night!

Thank you hubby. 
No amount of thank you(s) will be enough for what you've done for me all these years.

Cake cutting session! 
Pardon hubby's dying face because he's getting sea sick! 

Behind the scenes of how to make the balloons visible in the pictures when the the wind keeps blowing them down! Haha.

Thanks to the sotongs who forgotten about candles, I had the most special candle that day which is a lighter for candle blowing!
How creative right?

With my family. Really glad Hubby got them to join us too!

With the chefs that day.
Thank you Desmond for coming and Thank you Juvena for baking such a special and yummy macaron cake!

With my most precious babes!
Thank you so much for being with me throughout half of my 21 years on earth!
Couldn't imagine what I would have become and where would I be now without you guys!

Really blessed that you guys are here with me.

Group photo with my friends!
Thank you Chenxiang for making time to come celebrate my birthday with Yiling and thank you Vester for joining too!

This girl just can't keep her eyes and hands off the the cake!
Throughout the photo session, she's been poking the cake with a fork and eating tiny bits of it!
Well at least that kept her still for photos! 

Cake cutting!

Cheers!!! Thanks girls for preparing the champagne and thanks Torng for bringing it here!

Ahhhhh I'm 21!!!! 
Happy not because I'm legal and can go to a casino like finally but happy because I can finally apply for a house with hubby!!! I'm so excited!
Also my mum will stop saying that everytime we go overseas she has to buy two insurance for kids.
One for Clovine and one for me because I'm below 21!

Here's hubby enjoying while having sea sick.
Why you so silly? Got sea sick still book a yacht for my party!!!
Thank you for making me happy ;)

Here's pictures of the yacht.

Stairs up the top floor.

Spent the last hour of our 4 hours yacht trip singing K!
Yes there's also a Karaoke system in the yacht but the songs are too limited!

Everyone headed over to my place after that for second round of gambling except for Yanfen and Juvena.
Photo with Yeexin before going up.
Thank you baobei for coming and still faking about the surprise when I'm like meeting you everyday for lunch when we were working in Orchard!
Sibei good actress with Geraldine hor?

Thank you guys for the gifts!!!
Btw, angle of the camera really do wonders!Lol.

Agnes.B Bag from the girls and Chenxiang! Thank you girls for getting the bag I've been wanting!!!
Love it so much!
And Pandora Charm from Juvena and Desmond! Thank you for the thoughtful gift!

Its's a mother and daughter charm which I will give it Clovine when she has her Pandora bracelet someday!
That will also be when she knows how to keep her things properly!

I've also bought a Vespa charm as a gift for myself that week too!
That's to fulfil my all time wish of not being able to own a real vespa when I'm 21 thanks to the objection of my parents and Hubby!
But I doubt I have to courage to go get a motor license too because I've seen so many of my friends failing their FTT and to be honest I think my legs are just too short! 

Really grateful that I'm so blessed with all these people in my life.

Also my parents who have raised me, supported me and never did ignored me when I needed help through my toughest times. Though we always quarrelled over small matters but I'm still really grateful to have you guys as my parents.

Even though we've been through alot of quarrels and misunderstandings throughout these 10 years of friendship, I'm really glad we're still able to be there for each other when any of us needed a listening ear. Thank you my babes for bringing so much joy into my life and we're also able to learn life lessons together as we grow up. I really couldn't think of what I would have become if we didn't met. To many more years of friendship!!!

Lastly, I really wanna thank hubby whose been there with me seeing me through all the toughest times in my life and taking up the responsibilities and supporting our daughter and myself. The one whose always working so hard so that he could give us the best in life and never once gave up. It's been nearly five years since we met and I still can't believe how we've made it through thick and thin despite all the discouragement from people when we made our decision to keep Clovine. Really thankful for coming up with such a wonderful surprise and even wanting to make it even better by wanting to bring us on a long trip overseas in July as compensation! Thank you so much. Love you so much.

To everyone who made time for this surprise to be a successful one, thank you so much!

Pictures and self shots with Make up mode on was taken using Casio Zr1200.