Monday, July 21, 2014

Kuala Lumpur with the girls Day 1: 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

4 March 2014,

Took us less then a week to book, pack and fly off to KL! It was a really Impromptu trip for us thanks to Geraldine's crazy love for Doraemon and we just had to fly off to KL for the exhibition with her!  

Yes all the way to KL just for a Doraemon Exhibition! Even though it was also a time for us to unwind and shop, but the main motive was the exhibition! What great friends we are right? Geraldine must be so grateful to us that we kept joking that this trip was her early 21st birthday present! LOL.

This is also our first trip together!!!

Picture at the airport before flying off to KL!

Flying off to KL was so funny because the flight was so short like 40 mins and we barely have the time to warm our seats and chill! Before we even knew it, the arrival announcement was made! Lol.

But we crazy girls still had time to fool around despite the short flight. Hahaha.

 Jeering at Yanntorng for sleeping on the plane despite such a short flight!

 Then laughing at Yeexin's baldness after we tried making her switch her fringe parting...

 To taking ridiculous photos...

 Ridiculous photos like... yanntorng zooming in to a picture of her nostrils and asking us guess what that is!

Touched down, took an hour cab from KLIA to our Hotel, Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Kuala Lumpur. Around RM550 for 2 nights! 

We were so lucky because we were given a corner room and it was HUGE!

The toilet was a heaven for us girls because it was huge with a bathtub, shower and toilet cubicles and the mirror was huge enough for all us to do our daily girly stuffs!!! 
We love the toilet so much because we can bathe and do our makeup and daily product reviews together in it!
LOL actually we're just afraid to be in hotel toilets alone.

 Washed up, touch up, make up and prepare took us like 2 hours(?) before we head out again!
Picture before heading out like every day.

Now for the main thing of the post,
Cheap tickets which Geraldine paid for because we accompanied her all the way to KL for this!

Story of how Doraemon came about at the entrance!

 Oh and JingSheng joined us at the exhibition too because he was also in KL and happen to see Geraldine's post of us in KL! 
Btw, he's our secondary school classmate and didn't expect that we were able to meet there when we rrely meet up in SG. What a coincidence! 

 Having lots of fun imitating the doraemon figures!

 Wave your hand for a self shot timer on my camera!
Yay I love my Casio ZR1200! The best selfie cam ever with make up mode which made our selfies look flawless! 

 Because taking a picture with Doraemon is to mainstream, I took a picture with his cute little round tail and butt!!! HAHAHA.

 We also attended Nobita's wedding and had the most dramatic time ever thanks to Jingsheng.

 Behind the scenes of Jingsheng trying to snatch Shizuka from Nobita at the wedding!
We're trying to do aa instavideo!

 We had a really good laugh watching Jingsheng doing all the drama and people there were like watching the drama also! LOL really is laugh till we stomachache.
Too bad I didn't get hold of the video cos it's with Jingsheng.

Yanntorng and her obsession with doors.

 Well I feel really inferior because I'm like the same height as him and looked real!
Why I so short?!

I think all of us made good use of the props and exhibition right? Haha.

Cute stamps we've gotten at the entrance! Thank god we didn't do the Star sign like some xiaomeimei we used to do last time. HAHAHA.

Doraemon snacks at the cafe after having fun!

Fun time spent with fun and crazy people!

After all the fun, we headed to Petaling street(KL Chinatown) for dinner!

 Can you believe we actually travelled by MRT in KL like almost to everywhere?
Cos we can't and Geraldine's uncle who lives in KL was like telling us how he has never taken one before but we are like taking it so many times!

 Shag faces after a long day of fun!

 We had to walk through rows of shop with tiny walkways and all the owners who are mostly men were like looking at us as if we're naked -.- 
To us the whole short streets were like miles of walk thanks to the men. 
Lucky we had Jingsheng with us if not we wouldn't have roamed around in KL like that.

We couldn't find the famous hawker food there so we randomly walked into a chinese restaurant for dins.
Turns out on the last day when our taxi drove pass the area, we saw that the streets of hawker food was just beside the street we're in!!!! -.-""""

 Food was great and the whole meal costs us like SGD$90+?
Price was ok for the number of pax and the number of dishes we ordered!

After food we brave souls actually decided to walk back to our hotel by venturing through the streets and alleys! I guess we girls wouldn't be able to do that if we did not have a guy with us. Haha.
While venturing, we found the quite famous Ramily burger! How lucky.

 We had a picture taken because the owner was like "Come, come, come in take picture with me!"
So as you can see the two girls are really excited especially yeexin because Ramily is what she has been chanting for ever since we booked our air tics.

 So she took a selfie with her ramily! Lol.

And here's a scary picture of vain girls before ending my post... 

Sorry if we scared you with our volcanic mask on! HAHAHA.
Cannot imagine what JS was thinking when he saw us all getting all vain and comfy in our room before leaving. LOL!!!