Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm 21 Part 2: Actual Birthday on V'day

14 February 2014,

That night, Hubby came home just in time before 12am to wish me a Happy birthday and Valentine's day! 
Surprised hubby with his Valentine's day gift I specially got for him with my own hard earned pay! Feels so satisfying to be buying gifts for others with my own hard earned money rather than using Hubby's money! Even if the gift took up more than half of my pay, its still very satisfying for me. HAHAHA.
Must be siao. Probably cause I feel guilty for always buying presents for him using the pocket money he gave me. Lol.

Hubby felt really guilty cause he did not get me any present because we agreed on a belated present for me when we travel in July. But I still can't resist the urge of not spending! 

Happy hubby looking kinda sunshine-ish boy here with his million dollar smile.

Ohhhhhhhhh~ An orange box......?

Nah I'm not that rich to get him a luxury Orange box yet. LOLLOL.

My date on my Birthday and Vday was not my hubby because he is a busy man at work cooking for all the lovers visiting the restaurant that day. Also because he's such a busy man, he was also not able to carry out his plan A surprise which is to bring me overseas. But well at least he's compensating me this July with a really long holiday to finally accompany us!!!

Thankfully, hubby had an arrangement with Geraldine to accompany me for a "couple dinner" at his workplace. So yes Hubby cooked our dinner without eating with us. Lol.  
Though he wasn't able to accompany me that special day but was already very glad that he actually made an effort to plan my day :)

Our dinner that day.

Ordered the favourite mash potato that hubby also made for our christmas dinner.
Too yummy already. So smooth, so smooth!
But it's $8 for one if you order there! But lazy hubby does not always cook at home when he's not working because he complains bout the kitchen bout how the kitchen is small, no space to prepare blah blah blah.
I have a Chef hubby that expects me to cook when I have like zero experience and starts to pick on how my dish should be cooked and how it can be better.
Feels like I'm his trainee everytime when I cook but when he compliments my cooking its likes I can fly. 

My lovely partner for Vday.
Seriously, we're the only same sex having dinner there on Vday because we're surrounded by couples!

Happy happy me on my 21st :D

After we've finished our dinner, I told Geraldine that we should order desserts. But little did I know that there's a special dessert planned for me! Turns out why Geraldine kept dragging the time to order desserts is because she has been messaging with hubby to find out if they are ready for the special dessert!

Was talking with Geraldine halfway and suddenly there was a really loud "pewwwwww" sound that made everyone turn their heads.
Turned my head too and saw Hubby walking towards me singing "Happy Birthday" with the whole kitchen crew! In his hands was also a cake with a lighted firework as the candle!
It was so sudden that even Geraldine wasn't able to instavideo nor take any photos of the process because hubby did not inform her. Lol.

As you can see from the picture how surprised and happy I was at the moment. 
Was even hitting hubby like a "taoyan lah" reaction. Lol.

"Suddenly there's this very loud "Peww" sound and hubby came out with a cake with the whole kitchen staff singing happy birthday! Omg I was so surprised with the whole firework stick on the cake and hubby coming out with the kitchen staff!!! Thank you Chef Nic for the meal and the lovely surprise! Love you!"
As quoted from my instagram @sandywxy which I posted on that day!

"A picture with my lover, husband, best friend, and private chef (meaning asking him to cook for me anything and anytime when he's home. Even if it's aglio olio at 1am which costs us a whole bottle of wine just to cook it because hubby accidentally dropped the bottle on the floor after using!)

Here's Geraldine trying to help me get a perfect picture by trying different angles. But I think photoshop would do the trick if we knew how. Haha. 
And no I have not photoshopped any of my pictures before. Lol.

My second cake baked by Pastry Chef Juvena again! 
The same Juvena whom also baked my Macaron cake at my birthday party :)))
But this is also my favourite cake from Brasserie Gavroche!

"May 2014 be the best and a start off to many more better years!"

So so yums with different textures in your mouth. Love the biscuits at the bottom of the cake and the yummy thick, smooth chocolate! Mmmmm I need some nowwwwww.

Must have selfies on a birthday!
Pardon the messy background and I can't wait to apply for our house and have nice background  and lighting with a theme because I'm finally 21 to apply for a flat with hubby!!! 

The next day I had a belated cake cutting with my parents again!
Mummy bought ice cream cake from Swensens!

 Actually I prefer their 3 in one flavoured cake then their oreo one.

If you're wondering what I got for hubby....

 It's a leather watch box from Mitch and Marc!
Super love their range of watch boxes and accessories boxes! Comes in really nice colours too like tiffany blue.
You can find Mitch and Marc at Takashimaya.

 Currently Hubby has like 5 watches so 3 more to go to fill this up!
But I'm very sure 3 more is still not enough to satisfy hubby's dream of owning a watch closet because he just keeps bugging my to get him watches and his tastes just gets bigger!
Well at least I can always have a back up plan for gifts for him when I've ran out of ideas! 

The surprise just doesn't end with the box because I hid a new watch in it for him!
An automatic watch which he wants but not the brand he wants. Lol.
Too bad I can only afford this with my pathetic pay at that time. 
But the expression on his face when he saw it was priceless. Hahaha yes thats the effect I want.
From disappointment to shock just like the watch I got him last year which I wrapped up in a shoe box.

Here's the end of my 21st birthday memory...

Though I'm sure I might have experienced what most 21 year old(s) wouldn't have experienced, but I've no regrets for the mistakes I've done because I've learnt from them and grown. 
It's also thanks to an awesome bunch of people in my life that I'm really grateful to because they have stood by me all these years throughout my growth and ups and downs.
I might not have the most perfect life but with these people around me, I am more than contented.
21 not about me getting old but its also about me just about to start on another adventure of my life!
Cherish and treasure.
I can't be more grateful to have a group of people who loves me more than I could ever love them.