Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2 Degree Ice Art & Nakhon Kitchen

4 May 2014,

Visited the 2 Degree Ice Art last month with the peeps as seen above! The 2 degree ice art will be ending soon on 22 June 2014. 

 So this is where the exhibition is and its really really small inside.

 This is the ice bar which is at the side.

Coats which you can rent there. 

Fyi, Clovine is wearing 3 layers of clothing which consist of her long sleeves top, a denim jacket and this rented coat!
In the she still felt really cold so we didn't really stay long in there. 

 Lighting there was bad thus the bad quality photos...

 There isn't really much to do and see there except for this slide. 
So to us, it was really  quite a disappointment. 

 Here's hubby sliding down together with Clovine!

 Haha Clovine look so cute like that! But look at her face turning red when we only stayed in there for less than 15 mins! 
It was really cold!

As mentioned, there was really nothing fantastic to see and do except to experience the really cold temperature. So cold that many couldn't stay in there for long and we finished the whole visit in less than 30 mins. Conclusion was the place is good if you wanna experience the low temperature but not good if you really look forward to something fun and fantastic. Truth is it was quite a disappointment for all of us.

 After we came out water vapour formed on my camera lens and it gave this kind of effect!

 Clovine's #OOTD 

Nakhon Kitchen
After which, we headed over to Nakhon kitchen at Hougang for dinner! At least this did not disappoint us!
In fact we really enjoyed the meal because it was really good! There was a queue and we waited for around 45 mins but it was totally worth it!

My favourite is actually this honey chicken! Crispy and not very sweet.

Fragrant Pineapple rice.

Fried fish with the very appetising chili sauce.

Tom yam was a too spicy for me. Lol I'm a weakling for spice.

This is not any other drumstick you get outside, it's actually stuffed with meat and some other ingredients in it.

Glass noodle phat thai. Love love this also! So appetising for me because or this sweet and sour flavour in it.

Basil chicken is really nice too because the flavour is not too strong for me.

And how can we not have Thai style milk tea? Slurps*

This Thai restaurant is highly recommended even for people who are not crazy over thai food because this is really good authentic thai food! Must try!!!!

  • Block 212 Hougang St 21, #01-341
  • Singapore 530212