Monday, June 23, 2014

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

Here's a really late post that dates back to...

16 February 2014,

We decided to bring Clovine on her second Dinosaur exhibition at the Art Science Museum some time back! 
The first dinosaur exhibition for her was the one at the science center. Honestly, I prefer this exhibition than the science centre one because this is more interesting with so many more facts and how the dinosaurs exists to evolve and become extinct! Not only is this only about dinosaurs, there are also facts of how other animals evolve from the dinosaur period. 

Really interesting things to see to learn and I totally enjoyed reading the all facts!

Lots of fossils to see and facts to read! Most of them are real fossils too!

Most of the exhibits looks really convincing too!

Really find this kind of creatures really amazing because its a fish with legs and yet it also looks like a lizard and alien looking.
Its know as the Giant salamander and "wa wa yu" to the chinese.
If you've watched the River Monsters series you would have caught this creature being featured in one of the episodes!
Fyi, its not extinct yet and it has lived since the dinosaur age!

Clovine finally got down and walk on her after warming up for 30 mins! I find it really funny because she's always the one requesting to see dinosaurs and love dinosaurs but every time we enter the exhibition, she will say she's scared but after warming up she's back to normal again!
Whenever she's back to normal, she will request for us to start over the whole journey again! -.-"
Fyi, she's not really scared of dinosaurs because she watches jurassic park movies and have a whole collection of ugly real looking dinosaurs figures!

At the end of the exhibitions, there's a activities corner for kids and it's free with any ticket!
One of the activity is the making of the dinosaur puppet where the kids get to colour their dinosaurs!

Here's Clovine trying to trick his daddy into buying another dinosaur figurine for her!
Of cos I wouldn't allow because she already as a whole lot of them at home plus it's really expensive over there!
Like around $20+ for one small one!

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction, 25 Jan - 27 Jul 2014
ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue