Sunday, June 15, 2014

Giving thanks to the man of our lives.

This man was the one who has been there for me when I found out Clovine. He was also the man who wakes up in the middle of the night to cater to her needs from newborn to now even when he had an extremely tired day at work.

For four years, this man has never failed to give his daughter the best and attends to her every needs.
This man is Clovine's daddy.

For all these years that he has been attending to two of the most troublesome women (Clovine & me) in his life, I swear he has the greatest patience ever because both of us are really really crazy women. Hahaha.
So yes despite all our dramas, he stayed on to continue giving us the best.

In order to thank the man who gave up so much so that he could give us the best, we made him a card on this special day also know as father's day!

 I did the cover while Clovine did the contents in it!

So Clovine contributed the card's contents inside which I had a hard time making her follow what I write on a another paper!
Considered not bad liao hor? Hahaha.

Also, we've won a $100 robinsons voucher by entering the #Livegreatdad photo contest with one of my most satisfield photo of the father and daughter duo! Thank you Great Eastern for organising this contest and giving our best man the award!

So this is the photo I entered and its also one of my most satisfied photography creation!
Photo taken using Casio ZR1200 with some editing done with Photoscape!

Lastly, just wanna give a really big thank you to the man for being the most wonderful daddy to Clovine and also the most patient hubby to me!

We love you!