Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Joyful July

Spent the month of July travelling to 4 different countries and it was so awesome!!!
First trip was a surprise birthday trip for Geraldine to Bangkok by us 3 girls.
Second trip was Taiwan with my Yellows and our flight was at 7am right I after I touched down from Bangkok at 1am!  Barely had a wink before I had to head to the airport for our flight to Taiwan at 4.30am!
Third trip, Hongkong which we flew from Taiwan!
Forth and last trip was back to Ipoh! Great way to relax after all the hectic travelling and fun!

It was really tiring to be travelling to so many places in just a month but it was so awesome!!!
Had fun with the girls and had quality bonding time with my yellow family.

Gonna start blogging bout the trips once I sort out all the photos!