Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kuala Lumpur with the girls Day 2 & 3

Day 2
5 March 2014,

Photo with the Krispy Creme we bought on day 1 as breakfast!
Krispy Creme is so cheap there that you could even afford to eat it for breakfast everyday if you're not afraid of weight gain!

 Our personal hair stylist for the day! Hehe.

 Here's why it always takes girls more than an hour to prepare!

 Hair for the day! Love the ribbon I bought over there! 

 Same thing, selfie before heading out every morning!

Went Concorde Hotel to meet up with Geraldine's Aunt and fam. for Dim sum lunch!

 The dim sums were damn good and the price was reasonable for a dim sum lunch in a hotel!
Cost only around RM300+ for so much food!

 Geraldine with her aunt and fam.

 After lunch we walked over to the twin tower for shopping that lasts less than an hour before heading to KL Pavilion mall.

 Premier toilet for RM2 at Twin towers. Lol.
But it does make people curious to want to pay RM2 to check it out.

 Walking from Twin towers to KL Pavilion mall is also all covered pathway! Just follow the signs!

Hui Lau Shan for High Tea,

Just nice there were line mascot all over Pavilion Mall at that time!

 Mochi from the Jap Street in Pavilion Mall.

 Will definitely visit Pavilion Mall again if I happen to go there again!

Had dinner at Jalan Alor which is just right behind our hotel!
 It's all the zi char kind of food and more like a tourist spot. 
But you choose have to choose the right stall because there are so many and they more or less serve the same dishes.

I think we chose the wrong stall cos the food was so so.

 Nights there are very lively with live bands walking from stall to stall to perform!

Back to the hotel...
 We used the bath tub to soak our tired feet in hot water!!!
Told ya we love our room toilet! Hehehe.

Day 3
6 March 2014,

 After 3 days of #lotd pictures, did you realise we were all in the same position?
Hahaha we purposely took it like this after day 1 and updated our instagram everyday to see who spots it.

That morning we went over to Chow Kit for the original Kin Kin Ban Mee! Thanks to Yanntorng for searching this super yummy Ban Mee online! 
When we went over, the boss there was telling us his son will be opening one in Singapore the week after we went! Yes, thats the Kin Kin at Macpherson which people queued for hours to eat when it first opened!

 It was quite cool that they wrote stuffs all over the wall!

This is the soup based one which was not as awesome as the dry one. 
Had the soup one because I was having bad cramps that day :( 

 The rest ordered the dry version and added their famous Chilli! 
Tried theirs and it was awesome!!! So much more awesome than Singapore's one because we also went to try the one in SG after a month.
It was cheaper too which cost only RM7

 We also ordered a bowl of meat ball goodness!!!
There's so much in a bowl which SG's outlet don't sell it like this. What a pity.

 How I wish I could have the KL one right now!!!
Though SG's one is not as good but it still can satisfy our crave for it.

After such a satisfying breakfast, we head back to Times Square to wait for G's uncle.

 G's uncle drove us to somewhere near their house for Bak Kut Teh!!!!

 I love fatty meat! Slurps* 
Skin has always been my favourite and I normally slurp up most skin on the dining table since young! 

 Malaysia's bak kut teh is always the best and G's uncle can't stop praising how Malaysia's bak kut teh is the best and can't stop laughing at Singapore's full of pepper bak kut teh!

 Took a train back to Times square for last min shopping before heading to KLIA for our flight home!

 Quite amazed at how we kept taking public transport in KL. Hahaha.

Took the same taxi which we took when reached KL back to KLIA.
Finally had my Frozen Coke at Mcdonalds!!
So satisfying under such hot weather! Why Singapore don't have?!

 Marrybrown for Dinner before we check in. 

Can't believe we lugged boxes of dozens of donuts home!!!
Because it was too cheap and not bringing it home is such a waste.
One dozen of original glazed costs only RM19.90 which is like more than half cheaper than SG!!! 
So we each lugged like 3 dozens home. Hahaha.

Restoran Kin Kin 建记辣椒板面:
40 Ground Floor, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1, off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Chow Kit.
Nearest MRT station: Chow Kit