Friday, August 29, 2014

Bangkok with the girls Day 1: Geraldine's Surprise Birthday Trip

Finally made time for the detailed posts of the trips I went last month!
Can't promise that my posts will be consistent but will try my best to the trips posts up ok! 
Not too sure if I've mentioned before that I also went on a Bangkok trip in April this year but I don't think I will elaborate much on the trip since it was mainly shopping with my mum and aunt! 
So this bangkok post would definitely make up for the missing one.


After months of planning for geraldine's surprise 21st and having lots of problems like keeping it a secret and also countless reminders of asking her to renew her passport, we finally made it Bangkok sucessfully! 
It wasn't as simple as a "Yay SURPRISE, let's pack and go!" kinda trip ok! So glad it finally ended because it was so much work!

We didn't sleep a wink after the cake surprise at her house, mac for supper and lazing around the house before cabbing off to the airport. Geraldine wasn't supposed to know where we were heading to till maybe after we board the plane but while we were having supper, Yeexin accidentally blurted it out! LOL.

As usual a picture at the airport in the same position again!

Without colour contacts my eyes just look so empty very cock eye one. Lol.

 Loving my leather passport casing which I got when I went to Bangkok in April!
Got it outside the platinum mall when they had their stalls period. This time round the stalls weren't there anymore and got the info that there's only certain months they'll be there :(
Anyway it costs 150 baht only!

 Flew with Jetstar this time round!

Did not get any photos on the plane because we were all trying to get as much beauty rest before we land!

Took the train from the airport and alighted at Ratchaprarop Station.
This station is the nearest to the Pratunam Market from the aiport line. Walked about 15-20 mins to Centre Point Pratunam Hotel, our home for the next 3 nights!

Spent quite some time at the hotel lobby because they just wouldn't allow 4 of us in a room even though our room has two queen size bed! 
So we had to argue, debate, give and take and they finally allowed us to stay with a around $15 top up per day.

Our room which is quite huge, clean and enough for the four of us with two queen size bed.
Quite ridiculous that it actually only allows 3 adults when they have 2 queen size beds in the room -.-
For the location and service of the hotel I think its relatively good. Located just a short distance beside Glow Hotel and 5-10 mins walk to Platinum fashion mall and Pratunam morning market.

Washed up and off we go for a day of celebration just for the 21st birthday girl. Finally we're all 21!

Everybody has those crazy friends right? Haha.

First stop of the day, Greyhound Cafe at Siam Centre for late lunch!

Siam Paragon 1st Floor
Tel. 0-2129-4409-10
Opening Hours : 10.00 – 22.00

As long as there's melted cheese and ham, any sandwiches would taste heavenly.

Fried rice with egg and bacon I think.
Really love the fried rice texture and it smells so nice!

Fettuccini with shrimps in cream sauce. 
Mmmm not bad quite satisfying but kinda normal.

Greyhound's famous fried chicken wing. One of the popular bites, very crispy!

Oh and they serve bread before your food is served too.

Sea salt caramel cake!
So yummy and it's not too sweet that makes you feel sick of it.
Nice, soft, salted, sweet and dark chocolate! Mmmmmm......

One of the popular dessert is this red velvet waffles.
I did not try this though because the red kinda bothers me. Lol.

The interior of the cafe is very relaxing with big shiny chandeliers, comfy sofa seats and soothing lightings.

They wanted candid,so I gave them candid. LOL

I'm sure you might have guess what she said from the look of her mouth. Haha.

After some shopping or more of window shopping around the area, we walked over to MBK which is connected by a over head bridge from Siam. 
Did our thai local tidbits shopping there which is located I think on the 3rd floor where its cheaper. Always have to go back there for the tidbits.

Found another treasure shop, Beauty Buffet, which sells lots of good and cheap beauty products. We bought lots of skin care products from the brand name Scentio. 
Bought like this small tubs of masks and scrubs for like only SGD$8. Yanntorng recently found out that john little sells these too but at the price of $15.90!
Anyway I highly recommend the avocado scrub which really smoothens your skin by getting rid of dead skins and also the milk mask. Another product which the girls like is the vitamin C serum.

After all the shopping, we satisfied their cravings for steamboat at MK restaurant just at the top of MBK.

Must order here is this duck meat!!! 

Managed to find mister donut which happens to sell hello kitty donuts!!!
What I wanted to get was the Hello kitty tumbler cup on top which is so extremely cute!

Didn't wanna buy any of the cute donuts because I was only attracted to the cuteness. 
But still bought it in the end because I needed to get the super cute tumbler!!!!

Extremely cute right?!

Back to the hotel and found a surprise which the hotel provided for Geraldine!
Well we knew of the surprise except for her because it was actually complimentary from the hotel after we actually had a heated debate over having four persons in the room. So we gave in by paying extra $15 per night which we bargained for and they also threw n a surprise for the birthday girl.

Overall the hotel stay was pleasant because they had really good service by still attending to us nicely even after a heated debate.

They even threw in a slice of cake with candle and fruits!

Photos using my Casio ZR1200's hand waving self-shot function!
Love the auto adjustment lighting of the camera too.
Really is zi pai camera lai de.
With the amazing self-shot function, we get to take group photos on our own with just a wave of the hand!!!

The act candid shot which geraldine requested.

And the real candid shot. Hahaha.

In the end the donuts became just props for photos because we could not eat another bite. 
Just doesn't taste as good as it looks. Pfffts.
But well its cheap also and I got my cutest tumbler so its worth it! Lol.