Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cookie, the long forgotten one.

I hope many still remembers Cookie my adorable harmless shih tzu! Hahaha yes he's still around and not abandoned yet ok.

Anyway Cookie turns 6 today!!! Still remember the day when I first saw him he the pet shop I knew I had to get him! He was this soft fluffy brown puppy hiding and trying to dig into the corner of his enclosure. That totally won us over.
He's the very special puppy that seldom bark and will always shake his tail excitedly at anyone that appears at our door.
Relatives always thought his a rag lying on the floor and gets amused whenever he barks because they thought he's mute! Hahaha.

Even when Clovine first came home, Cookie was so amused with her he kept wanting to see her! Every sing time Clovine cries, Cookie will be the first to rush into the room to look.
Now that Clovine has grown up, she becomes a big bully of cookie! Always trying to chase him out of the house with sticks or throw things at him! But still cookie the gentle dog does not attack or bark at her.
At times when our princess is in good mood, Cookie gets pats on his head or maybe some chicken shared.

 Don't you think he looks so cute in this dinosaur costume? Haha.
Bought it some time back from Scape Level 1 shop at $17+.

Haha see my mum so sweet even went to get him a cake which he can't eat and won't eat also. 

So... the cake was just a birthday song and candle blowing session for Clovine!

So cute it even has a tail and spikes! So now double tail for Cookie! 

Love you so much cookie, thanks for being the gentlest dog and always welcoming us home without fail happily shaking your tail everyday.