Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bangkok with the girls Day 2 & 3: Shopping spree!

3 July 2014
Day 3

We girls woke up at 6 to prepare and head out for our real motive of this trip, SHOPPING!
Woke up, washed up and off we went! First stop, Pratunam morning market for shopping!!!!!!!
This place is a must go every single time I visit Bangkok and it's also the best place for the best bargains for clothes!

They open as early as 4/5am! The market right below Baiyoke Sky hotel starts closing at 10.30am and the one that is indoors starts closing from 5pm. Sometimes they even close at 1pm so I suggest that you visit pratunam morning market as early as possible to grab all the best deals! 

Another way to get the best deals is stay at Pratunam area and visit the morning market every single morning as they replenish their stocks every day with new arrivals!!!

Clothings here can cost averagely SGD $3-$5 per piece wholesale price which is 3 pieces and up. The more you buy the more you can bargain with them. If you were to buy only one piece, they can qoute you 250baht but if you buy like 3 pieces and up, it can cost as low as 100 baht per piece! 
So either you buy 3 pieces or grab all your girlfriends and go on a shopping spree! That way each of you can share to get wholesale price!

Pratunam Morning Market

Must try this siew mai which is sold by an uncle who pushes his cart around Pratunam market every morning!
It tastes really yummy so we had this like every time we see the uncle! Haha.

When in bangkok, dress as comfortable as possible and also be as comfortable just like them because you'll walk the whole day chionging for all the cheap stuffs especially girls!

Hahaha see what I mean?! Check out that huge bag of clothings we all got for ourselves! It's not only one but two huge bags!!! We stuffed them all in 2 huge recycle bags so remember recycle bags are VERY important if you intend to shop, the bigger the better!
And let me warn you on how fast the bags fill up so multiple trips back to the hotel to unload is definitely inevitable!

Sunny side up quail eggs which are too cute to resist! 
When in Bangkok, do not be afraid to try their street food because that's where you'll find the yummiest and most authentic thai food!

After the first round of shopping, we rushed back to our hotel for breakfast buffet before it ends at 10.30pm!

The pool area just beside the restaurant.
Didn't had time to swim because our time is all used on shopping and we were just too tired for other things! 
So obviously shopping was more important to us! Hehehe.

We enjoyed the breakfast as there's a huge variety of choices available with a counter that cooks your favourite kind of eggs!

Back to hotel to wash up again because it was so freaking hot after all the crazy spree and weather was a killer too. 

All dolled up and ready for second round of spree!

Instead of trying the crepes from Platinum fashion mall's foodcourt because of convenience, go and look for this crepe stall opposite the mall! Just walk towards the direction of Glow Hotel and you'll find it right under near the overhead bridge!
Cheap good and huge! Must try the one with nutella, banana and coconut shreds!

Most convenient way to get thai food is at Platinum Fashion Mall's food court. Most convenient but definitely not the best taste in Thailand.
Phad Thai Tang Hun.

Sticky Mango Rice.

Wanton mee. Anyway we did not get to try the famous wanton noodles at pratunam because we only happen to pass by it on the last day and it was super long queue!

Do not try the Basil chicken rice there unless you're a SUPER spicy lover.
Even Yeexin the spicy love could not stand the spice!
Too spicy to even tell if its nice!!!!

If you happen to past by breadtalk which is also at the food court level, remember to get this yoghurt drink!
I love how thick yet drinkable it is and the cute glass bottle just made it even better!
A must everytime I go so why Singapore don't have?!

After all the shopping we were too lazy to walk back so we just Tuk tuk back!
I love taking the tuk tuk because I love breeze in my face even if it's dirty. Lol.
But well the girls don't think the same so I wasn't able to tuk tuk much :(

Dinner at some stall near the cross junction at the road opp Platinum mall.
The chicken rice tastes the best among here.

This happens when it's a all girls room with crazy amount of shopping loots! 
Yes we're that crazy because we start shopping at 6AM till late and have daily dose of massage before heading back to the hotel after 1AM!

4 July 2014
Day 3

As usual we head out at 6am for our morning shopping at Pratunam morning market before heading back for breakfast and prepare for Chinatown!
We booked a cab from a application, GrabTaxi, which Yanntorng downloaded and its really convenient!
You choose to get a metered cab which ends up pretty cheap from Pratunam to Chinatown more commonly know to the Thais as Sampeng lane. 

Chinatown in the noon which it super duper hot but it's still a must visit place because you get to buy accessories in bulks which is really cheap. For example a whole row of ribbon ties costs only 49Baht!
You just have to search through all the shops the for the best deals.
Also be prepared to do lots of walking and perspire like hell.

Of cos our shopping doesn't just ends at Chinatown, we cabbed back to Pratunam area for more shopping and then heading to Big C for more shopping but this time it's for all the snacks!!!

Big C is a huge supermarket where you can buy all your favourite Thailand instant noodles and Tao Kae Noi Seaweed selling by the boxes which is specially priced too! It's located opposite Central mall which is just behind Platinum Fashion Mall. Just turn right once you step out of Platinum mall and follow the pedestrain which will lead you to turn right again and you'll see it! 

Best place to buy all the tidbits which include huge packets of Lays at super cheap prices that also comes with different types of unique flavours! So buying a pack of air with free chips there is more worth it. Hahahaha.

Main thing in this photo is not the tidbits, its the photobomb by my Gucci Sunglasses because that was the last time I saw it!!!!! T_________T
Definitely lost it at the Supermarket while trying to find cardboxes and it I think it dropped out from my top and into the boxes -.-
Was really really sad over my lost because its my favourite and it stuck with me for some time already. 
Totally didn't realise I've lost it until we reached our hotel room!

So after the big auntie shopping at Big C, we ended up with 3 big cartons of food which made us cabbed back the hotel before coming out for another round. LOL.

Night stalls outside Palladium Mall which is slightly opposite Platinum Mall. 
Here you can get to see and buy lots of handmade and customised stuffs which is great for gifts! Here you get those famous leather passport covers with names for around 120baht and lots of other leather accessories.

Baiyoke Night Market located under Baiyoke Sky hotel is another place which you can find customised handicrafts gifts. Opens daily from 5pm to 12am.

Chanced upon this really cool vintage vehicle there and guess what it sells!

Adorable looking ice creams!!!! We tried the choco coated banana favour and it was so yummy!!!
Chocolate and banana are the best combination ever!

After a long day of shopping, the day disn't end for us because we went back to washed up and headed out for shopping at I forgotten what place and only headed back to the hotel at 4am! But it was a total waste of time because the clothings there are overpriced so the more we walked the more we wanted to sleep. Decided to be alittle more crazy since it was also our last night in bangkok! It was certainly an exhausting trip for us.

Next up will be Chatuchak which is also our last day!