Friday, September 19, 2014

Bangkok with the girls Day 4 (Last): Chatuchak Weekend Market

5 September 2014

It was our last day in Bangkok so we hardly slept more than 2 hours before we get up for our last round of shopping at Pratunam morning market! Seriously this whole trip was so exhausting because we hardly slept! That was a saturday so it's a must to visit Chatuchak Market as there're more things to see on Saturdays!

 Last "before going out photo" of the trip before heading out to Chatuchak!

Nearest station: Mo chit - It's very easy to get there by BTS and once you get out of the station, just follow the crowd and you'll get to Chatuchak!


  • Wear light and comfortable clothings as it gets really hot there.
  • Do remember to put thick amount of sunscreen on your body and face because I always ended up looking like a burnt chicken at the end of the day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as it can take up a whole day if you're going to visit every stall there. Yes it's really huge with tons and tons of small stalls.
  • Plan to go in the morning as it gets really hot in the afternoon. For the past two times I went, it was so hot that my clothes were totally wet from all the perspire.

Chatuchak is a must visit place to me because you can basically find anything here! I personally love the handicrafts section because I could get materials for diy stuffs at a very cheap price! Handicrafts section also sells many things which you can get to decorate your homes such as long lightings, scents etc. Other than the handicrafts section, the pets section is also a must see for me because the puppies, and bunnies there are super cute! Too bad most of the shops wouldn't allow photos of them. Lots of things found there are unique and cheap too! 

One of the famous food to eat there would be the coconut ice cream! Managed to find the popular one after walking for some time. This popular stall is easy to spot as there's always a crowd around it!

 Super yummy and refreshing! Tastes more like sorbet, soft ice kind and not the creamy kind so you just won't get sick of it!

Cabbed back to our hotel after a long hot day! The sun sure made us more exhausted. 
Another plus point of our hotel is that they allow guests to use their shower room near the toilet even after they've checked out! So thankful we get to wash up and change out of our smelly clothes before heading to the airport!
Anyway after we washed up, we went down to their garden place and started packing up our newly bought stuffs. Not to forget that this yeexin actually bought like 10 one litre bottles of thailand yakult back so we were helping her stuff it into her luggage! Thank goodness we upgraded our baggage limit to 100kg the day before! LOL.

Having a monopod and my Casio ZR1200 does the trick for our group shots! Just give it a wave and it would capture using the self wave timer mode!

The hotel also provides the service of helping you call a cab to the airport. As we have too many huge luggages, we had to get a bigger taxi which costs us 800baht I think.

100kg check-in baggage and our hand carry luggages!
 Touched down at like 1am and had to rush home to do some last minute packing before heading back to the airport at 4.30pm with Hubby and Clovine for our Taipei flight!
Sounds really fun and exciting but I was mad tired even though I tried to get as much rest on the plane.

I think I shopped too much and bought alot of clothings because it was cheap because after looking through my buys, I realise I wouldn't wear and haven't worn most of them. LOL.
So I told myself I'm gonna shop smart another time! 

Special buys this time round are the bags at the top which we've gotten from the street vendors outside Palladium mall. It's actually a plain straw bag and you get to choose the designs you want by browsing through the Napkins they have. After that they would use the napkin that you chose and apply it on the bag with lacquear! It's just very cool and unique so I bought like 3 which costs averagely 300baht for one.

Even though I've already been to Bangkok twice this year, I'm already looking forward to return soon for another crazy round of shopping!!! *Ooops my cupboard has officially exploded!