Monday, October 27, 2014

USS: Halloween Horrors Night 4

It's been years since I last participated in any of the Halloween activities. Still remembered the first and the last one was in 2009 at Sentosa with the clique!

Missing all the fun we had. It's scary how this short 5 years has changed everyone.

Anyway, was telling Hubby that we should experience something scary for Halloween this year after seeing the posters for HHN4 at RWS last month! Just nice Hubby's colleagues also wanted to go so we decided to go as group since it'll definitely be more fun!

5 October 2014,

Left Clovine with my parents and met up with Hubby's colleagues that evening before getting our tickets at USS! Reached around 7pm and the queue for the tickets wasn't long. 
Managed to get our tickets at student price because one of Hubby's trainee has a student pass! Fyi, a student pass can get up to 6 discounted tickets at $50 each! Topped up an extra $60 for the express ticket that night so our total cost for a ticket was $110. 

First stop was the theater show, "Jack's Nightmare Circus"!

Though the show might appear sick or crazy to some people, I personally think it was damn exciting and I was totally engrossed in it!
I really enjoyed the show with all the breathtaking stunts by the bravo actors!

 Pictures with the Ministry of Evil anyone?
All the rides were damn empty that night because majority of them were queuing for the Haunted houses! So we took our chance and went for most of the rides! We didn't even need to use our express pass to get to the rides fast! Lol.
Best part is there is no sun so queuing and exploring was a total breeze!
Hubby and I also took this chance to go for rides which we've never been to even though this is our third time to USS! Thanks to Clovine who is always stopping us from going for rides because she'll suddenly back out! And also thanks to Hubby who is totally afraid of heights and scary rides so this time I get to go on the rides with Hubby's colleagues! Why Hubby so old and boring one? I think most of the kampong kia scared of heights one lor.

Scared Zones & Haunted Houses
After the show we started our scare journey by walking towards the Madagascare side so in order for us to get to the Haunted houses, we had to pass by the "Scary Tales" Scare zone.

First haunted house we went was The LAB and it was my last also because I'm a scaredy cat! At least I conquered 1 out of 4 Haunted House by letting Hubby lead me in the dark with my eyes shut! LOL.
Yes I decided it was too much on my faint heart after two turns in the house so I shut my eyes till we're out!
By the way we didn't even need to queue for it since we purchased the Express pass so we manged to skip that very long queue which has a waiting time of an hour to get in! I know right cos I totally wasted my express pass because I only visited one house! HAHAHAH!

The "creatures" will scare you at the scare zones by jumping out from corners or even nowhere because they are hidden damn well!
So there's a total of 4 scare zones and I manage to conquer 3 only because the last one called "bogeyman" was something like a haunted house and not open space! 
Anyway I did my research on how scary each attraction will be before I went so hahaha I ended up being a coward there lol! 

Realized that I didn't take much pictures of the scare zones or haunted house only after I got home! Why? Because it was just too scary and I was busy keeping vigilant on all the sudden "creatures" jumping out! 
They also spammed lots of smoke at the scare zones so much that you can't even see your way and high chances that the "creatures" will just sneak up on you or you'll just bump into them! 
Too smokey till my contact lenses started giving me problems! Wanted to take pictures of the creatures but the other creature just keep sneaking up on you when you're fully focused on your camera on how to take a perfect picture! Damn. 

This is how the New York square looks like now after being invaded by zombies and demons! 
Well I've always thought I would be able to survive if there was a sudden zombie apocalypse since we've "learnt" so much from those zombie shows and thought how cool it was.
But after seeing it in life of how the city could change into something like that with all the zombies walking around, it freaks me out even knowing that they are not real!!! Omg and we would be the first to die in Singapore if there's one since we don't have guns or weapons like The walking dead or Resident Evil. Shit. 

Spot one of the zombies on the ground and I must say he looks more he has fell down. Lol. 
They're like crawling around and trying to reach out to people! Ewwww. 

Picture taken from Clovine's 3rd birthday USS trip here.
Can you see what a big difference it is when USS was erm normal and not infested with zombies and demons?
So scary right?! Can totally see how much effort USS has put into making HHN4 a huge success making the tickets worth it just by seeing the different atmosphere they created for different events.

This is one of the scare zones where you'll meet your fears with all the closets and cupboards in it! 
We girls decided to skip this because well I don't wanna get insomnia all night because I'm afraid something will jump out from my closet. 

Here's another live show called the demonic something and it's another thrilling one! Makes your adrenaline rush just by watching them do the stunts!
Hanging from the top and then seining here and there do stunts and somersaults. 

This is actually more trilling than the one on stage because their are like on a swing and swinging 360 degrees!!! Makes me wanna puke just by looking at them swing. Makes you wonder how on earth are they able to withstand the giddiness?!

With Hubby's colleague's girlfriend which I've yet to know the name even though we hit it off really well while the guys explore the haunted houses. Lol. 
Thoughout the trip we were the only ones shouting while the guys laugh it off or kept giving the you're not scary zzzzz kinda face at the creatures. They totally no emotions! 

With the annoying hubby who always cannot take a normal picture with me. 
Think he's trying to blend into the creatures by enlarging his eyes and nostrils. Not cute, not scary~ LOL. 

Ending the adventure with a group picture! Wanted a better picture but this hubby keep reject! 
Irritating only. 

Even though I was scared to death like throughout the park and also did not visit all attractions, I would still love to visit the park if they were to have another Halloween Horror Nights! Cos its just 太刺激了!
Must try at least once!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grub with the Wong(s)

Met up with another Wong Family 2 weeks back for Brunch at Grub which is located at Bishan park!
Finally able to let the kids mix around months after the little babes had their photoshoot in April. 
Anyway there was a total of 6 Wong(s) and a Wu who turned Mrs Wong. Hahaha.

 Wanted the girls to take a picture on the bridge but my little pincess had her sudden fit of princess temper and stomped off refusing any shots. Only Alyssa was being super cooperative when it comes to taking pictures! 

 The Wong Family.

 And my Wong family. Haha yes two Wong families on an outing!

I kinda dislike that I have the same surname with Hubby cos people will think Clovine has my surname if they don't know about hubby's.
So... people will always judge and assume that I'm young and not married.
Have seen so many judgy people ever since I got preg and they just give you those eyes when they see you with a kid or a big tummy.
But well I'm proud to say we're doing so much better than what people say we would be when we decided to keep Clovine. 

Back to our Brunch at Grub!

 Yixian's Breakfast set.

 The burger that the rest of us ordered each.
Really love the presentations of it but the beef was a little overcooked and dry.
I seriously think I'm starting to be influenced by hubby's high expectations of food thanks to his zi ye bing lor.

 Finally get to try they Churros!!!
Love it! Definitely makes me wanna go search for more yummy Churros! 

Didi was my entertainment of the day because he is just so funny!!! 
He just can't leave his mouth empty so he kept stuffing food in his mouth and he's totally okay with any food as long as he can stuff it in! Lol...
No matter what he's doing, he has this expressionless face ON and I find it super funny and cute!
He managed to also find a place next to me and finished the tomato/chili sauce and fries!
Lol sibei funny cos he can just sit there quietly and keep stuffing and stuffing!
Believe it or not he's the same weight as his 4 years old sister and he's only like 20 months!
Even heavier than Clovine!!!

 Other than his cute expressionless face, I'm also so in love with his eyes!!! 
So huge, round and the long eyelashes!!!
Gosh I want a son too and I hope he has my eyes and not Hubby's hidden double eyelids!

I think this brunch is one of the most relaxing one with the kids because they were all so well behaved even without any Ipad entertainment! 

Yixian brought bubbles for the kids to enjoy after meal.

 The very rare times you'll see didi show a different expression other than the expressionless face! 

The two siblings were busy enjoying bubbles while Clovine just has no interest in it because she has more interest hunting for squirrels and spending time with her boyfriend...

3 kids increases the level of photography skill.

 The boyfriend and the girlfriend. I need a boyfriend too :((((

While bringing the kids for their nature walk, this clovine with very sharp eyes suddenly spotted an 'eye' on the tree! Omg I swear it totally looked like an eye and it was kinda creepy but the kids just couldn't stop laughing at the tree having 'eyes'. This started the search for more 'eyes' around the park and the girls just couldn't stop giggling at it. Seriously....

 The kids looking for eyes on the tree. 

 "Knock knock who's there?" LOLLOL. Didi why you so cute one?

See what I mean by didi having this expressionless face in like no matter what he does? Haha.

Ending the post with a picture of the Wong(s)!
Soooooooooo looking forward to more Wong outings in future! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4th Wedding Anniversary: Adventure Cove Waterpark Date

14 September 2014

Celebrated our wedding anniversary a day earlier because 15th falls on a Monday this year. Made a date to Adventure Cove with Hubby months ago because I've been wanting to go there with him alone so that we'll be able to play the more exciting slides together! So if Clovine is around, I would have to play alone while Hubby looks after Clovine which would be so wasted. Oh and also because hubby wouldn't dare go because he thinks he's fat so I gave him few months notice to firm up. LOL.

So in order to make hubby spend a day with me alone I had to make a date with him on our anniversary! Yay finally a proper after to long because Hubby always can't bear to not accompany Clovine on his only off day of the week. Well there's always advantages and disadvantages when you have a husband who loves his daughter too much. Lol.

Anyway we dropped Clovine and my parents off at my Grandma's place and off we went to RWS! Omg the parking fee at RWS always gives a shock and the fee always differs from what we calculate totally! Parked there for like 5 hours which costs us $28 though cheaper than the first time we parked and paid $40+ but still wtf right. So yes please park at Sentosa or Vivo next time confirm less than half of the price we paid. That's the price we paid for being lazy and never learn by parking there twice. Lol.

A picture with Hubby before our adventure!

Hehehe it's been years since I last worn a bikini. 
Sad thing is the figure now like so different from the last time I wore D;

I had alot of fun while hubby had alot of shock for trying to accompany me play the exciting slides with floats. Lol. I was like how nervous and a little scared as our turn gets nearer and he was like saying no need scared one lah not fast one not scary one. Ended up I was the one who enjoyed the slide and Hubby stays in shock even after we got out. LOLLOL.

Rainbow Reef
First attraction we went was the Rainbow Reef as it has the shortest queue! That's where we get to snorkel over the reef in a ocean like pond with lots of beautiful tropical fishes! It was amazing! Though its small and cannot be compared to the natural ones but being able to do it in the park without having to travel out and paying extra was totally worth it! Doing this brings back the memories I had as a kid when I did snorkelling in Tioman Island out at Sea twice! Anyway you don't have to know how to swim to do this as they make you wear life jackets and also provide the snorkel masks. Can't wait to have a chance to snorkel again at some islands with Hubby next time but this idiot says he don't want to be eaten by sharks -.-

So happy I can finally use my waterproof phone casing which I bought it like ages ago.
Instead of putting my phone in the case, I left it in the car so had to use hubby's phone which has no data plan -.-
The front cam of iphone 5 just cannot be compared to my Casio zr1200 cos its so grainy!!!

Water Slides
We were only able to try 2 slides, Pipeline Plunge and Riptide Rocket, because the wait for one is around 1 hour and another took more than that! Totally wasted quite alot time waiting for the slides especially the Riptide Rocket and the queue was kinda slow but it was really fun! We tried Pipeline first followed by the rocket one which was super fast with steep slides down! So after the rocket hubby didn't want anymore slides. Guess age is catching up on him. HAHAHA. By the way most of the slides are to be played with floats and can be played as a pair.

Adventure River
After all the adrenaline rush it was time for something relaxing! The Adventure River is extremely relaxing! It's like lazy river at Wild Wild Wet with adventure! Along the "river" we get to pass through caves, stingrays in tanks swimming beside us and a underwater tunnel with sea creatures swimming above us! It was totally an adventure that we nearly missed because we were too tired from all the water fun. No need to queue for this and the floats are free to rent!

The Stingrays you get to see along the river which looks exactly the same! Cool right!
Photo Credits

I was saying about bringing Clovine here the next time and this Hubby said "next time when Xuanxuan come you can sit somewhere and wait for us already." which meant it will only be the two of them playing together since most rides are for two person!!!! Why he so bad one?! I also want a baby boy to accompany me if not one day I'll totally be replaced by my daughter! :(((

Anyway most of the water slides there are thrilling so kids are to be at least 122cm. But not to worry as there's still water playgrounds suitable for the little ones!

I really enjoy our day there even though I kinda expected the park to be bigger because it was really kinda small and there's always long queues at the slides which requires at least 40mins of waiting. So long since we last had so much fun and swimming really does burns up all your energy!

Adventure River in the background with the help of my Casio Zr1200 hand wave function on a selfie stick!

Privé Café

As we had no idea where to go for dinner, we decided to just settle it at Privé Café since I've been wanting to go back for the food and beautiful view by the sea.

Loving the pictures taken using my new Canon Eos 100D below! The colours are bright and I love how I can just take photos with just a touch on the screen and the rest of the picture gets auto blurred out!
Zero editing needed to be done which saves me alot of trouble from adjusting the lighting using photoscape!
As for selfies/wefies was taken using my Casio Zr1200 and editing was done on my phone using line camera's app.

Hehehe my love. Looking at him sometimes always makes me feel like a little fan girl. 

Steak frites for me which I ended up exchanging with hubby because it was overcooked :(

Burger with bacon this time round.
Still prefer the Simply Prive burger which I had on the first time there.

Mini Miso Salmon Sliders. 
Well not exactly the small bites we expected as stated in the menu. 
Too much for us to finish!

Anyway I think the food tastes so much better when we first came in 2012, food not exactly satisfying now but the view and ambience is still amazing.

A must to take lots of photos with such awesome view and lighting! So poor hubby was forced to take lots of pictures with me. Hahaha.

"You know you've found true love when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again."

That fuzzy feeling you get when you look at the person which you fell in love with years back when you first met one another. Till now looking at him sometimes still give me the feeling I had when I first saw this boy which is totally my type! Lol. 
Even though I'm very attracted to his looks, he can still make me super mad at times!!!
Ok I admit looks matters to me but can't blame cos I'm an aquarian!

Did a collage of our very first photos from 2009 all the way to present! 5 years together and 4 years of marriage definitely changed both of us mentally and physically. Growing up, maturing and learning together with someone you love is the best experience.
Together since 19 September 2009. Married since 15 September 2010.

From having baby fats to pregnancy fats and then more or less losing them all! As for hubby I think he just keeps gaining and gaining while I keep losing. Why oh why did he pick up my fats?! Thanks to all the supper he has to have with me during my pregnancy days and I guess most fathers likes growing bellies! LOL.
Well I totally hope he'll trade up his belly for six packs again! HAHAHAHA!
But no worries I'll still love you even if you become fatty bom bom! :P